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Nations Playing

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USA: Blake and Serena
Australia: Hewitt and Molik
Belgium: Malisse and Clijsters
Russia: Safin and Myskina
France: ???
Czech Republic:???
Slovak Republic???

Play-off: Canada and Hungary
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Thanks for the information. :worship:

Last year I've already met James, Serena, Kim, Xavier, Daniela H., Daja, Jiri, Vivi, Tommy R., Farina, David S., Hewitt, Alicia, Iroda, Oleg, Rossana.

Not bad, this year I'm looking forward to meet :

RUS : Marat :kiss: , Myskina :kiss:
FRA : Mauresmo :hearts: and ???
CZE : Barboro Strycova
SLO : Kucera
CAN : Drake, Dancevic
HUN : Petra Mandula and Attila Savolt.
Kimmie's_Boy said:
Barbora is playing :hearts: :inlove: :D
Hey Kimmie's_Boy :worship:

Please tell me who is Barbora ???

I do have plan to visit Perth as usual. I hope to meet you there.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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