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WASHINGTON [MENL] -- North Korea is likely to export nuclear weapons components and fuel to the Middle East in an effort to earn hard currency.

A report by the Council on Foreign Relations warned that Pyongyang can be expected to use its newly-acquired nuclear weapons capability for sales to North Korea's traditional clients. They could include such Middle East countries as Iran, Libya and Syria.

"Pyongyang might sell fissile material, nuclear technology, or completed weapons to any state or non-state actor with money," the report, entitled "Meeting the North Korean Nuclear Challenge," said. "It has little else for export. The North has long sold deadly materials to 'bad' states, and the United States greatly fears it will likely continue to do so with fissile materials."

In 2001, North Korea was reported to have earned nearly $600 million in missile exports, most of them to the Middle East. The four most requested missiles from North Korea have been the medium-range Scud C and D models, the intermediate-range No Dong and the longer-range Taepo Dong-1.
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