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This year, it's all on the line

...literally, because no one cares about this tourney this year hence the weak field which is ironic because it was supposed to be "the best field ever" and it's even more funnier when it still says that on the official website.
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TM said:
This year, it's all on the line

...literally, because no one cares about this tourney this year hence the weak field which is ironic because it was supposed to be "the best field ever" and it's even more funnier when it still says that on the official website.
Thank you for the pics. :kiss:
It would be great if you could add Tammy's picture. :hearts:
Thanks :worship:

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Lina K. plays tomorrow against Eleni Daniilidou :) so yey!

Order of Play - Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Centre Court - Start at 11:00 AM
L. Krasnoroutskaya (RUS) vs. (13)E. Daniilidou (GRE)
Not before 1:00 PM
(Q)A. Widjaja (INA) vs. (8)J. Dokic (YUG)
(WC)M. Pierce (FRA) vs. (Q)M. Vento-Kabchi (VEN)
E. Likhovtseva (RUS) vs. M. Sharapova (RUS)
(WC)M-E. Pelletier (CAN) vs. (Q)M. Washington (USA)

Court 1 start 11:00 AM
(15)N. Dechy (FRA) vs. T. Tanasugarn (THA)
(Q)N. Pratt (AUS) vs. (Q)B. Ko (CAN)
M. Serna (ESP) vs. (6)M.Maleeva (BUL)
Not before 3:30 PM
(7)A. Coetzer (RSA) vs. (Q)S. Obata (JPN)
(WC)Drake/Marois vs. Molik/Serna

Court 2 start 11:00 AM
P. Suarez (ARG) vs. (16)S.Kuznetsova (RUS)
(Q)A. Jidkova (RUS) vs. F. Schiavone (ITA)
M. Sanchez Lorenzo (ESP) vs. (12)E. Bovina (RUS)
Daniilidou/Grande vs. Craybas/Jeyaseelan *to complete from yesterday
Bartoli/Bedanova vs. Dokic/Morariu

Court 3 start 11:00 AM
(14)N. Petrova (RUS) vs. M. Weingartner (GER)
R. Grande (ITA) vs. C. Black (ZIM)
Asagoe/Miyagi vs. Dominikovic/Weingartner *to complete from yesterday
(Q)Pisnik/Tanasugarn vs. Schett/Zuluaga
Granville/Jidkova vs. (6)Huber/Maleeva

Court 4 start 11:00 AM
Camerin/Schaul vs. (8)Krizan/Srebotnik
(7)Loit/Pratt vs. Farina Elia/Schiavone


ok. today i finally saw DANI!! yes! Daniela Hantuchova. DAMN SHE'S SKINNY! Took sooo many pics. video clips. I even shot a pic and my hotdog was in the pic and she was giving a really nasty look...sorry :eek: i was really really hungry i had to make my lunch. after her hitting session she signed and I got her autograph but it isn't great....she was mauled, i hope she does the signature of champions tomorrow so i can get a pic with her and a proper autograph.

beside her court was Saori Obata vs Shinobu Asagoe. i saw about 30 mins of that match and shinobu lost in 2 sets... too bad. she later played doubles with myagi (is she white/jap?) against Evie Dominicovic and Marlene was really good but it rained heavily.

but before the huge rain delay mauresmo did a signature of champions seession and i got a pic with her. she's great.

while that was going on maureen drake lost her match easy to jill craybas 63 61.

crap! i missed the granville / ruano-pascual match!

later marion bartoli was practicing on court 4. she didn't practice much because she was gonna play her match on that court but i didn't know at the time. i got her autograph and watched the warm up of her match against Randrianteffy and saw a few started raining..

all matches were stopped...

my friend and i ran into some tent that was showing a taped match of federer vs agassi nasdaq2002 final...i took a nap. I WAS SOO RELAXED!
it stoped raining they were drying the courts and as soon they were almost dry it started again....this time really really heavily! WITH THUNDER CLAPS and LIGHTNING BOLTS! ...when it finally stopped they decided to dry centre court and court 1 only. Court 1 had the Bartoli / Randrianteffy match which was moved from court 4. Bart killed Dally 61 60.

Centre court first night match of the tourney featured Dementieva vs Molik. very good match. man elena's second serve..... :tape: ...even her 1st serve. she even doublefaulted a whole game that's how bad it was....some guy even shouted something like "i rather play against her" ....n e ways i love alicia molik's grunt. it's really cool and so not annoying. dementieva won the important points a lot more and took the 1st set pretty easily despite her serve...the 2nd set was a bit more went to a tiebreaker with elena winning the match 9-7 in the tiebreaker. i think molik saved a handful of matchpoints. i thought it was gonna go 3 sets....

...the next match was emilie loit vs canadian qualifier Melanie Marois. WOW! this match ended way past 12 am.

Melanie was down 5 LOVE in the first....came back but lost 6-4.

in the second set she was down 4-1 came back to tie at 4all then went to an exciting tiebreaker Melanie taking the 2nd set 7-5 in the tiebreaker. she saved like 5 MATCHPOINTS! :eek: a lot of people left.

i had to stay of course. Loit was just too good in the 3rd winning 6-2. i thought the canadian was gonna make another comeback but no.....
they shook hands and french kissed at next (cheek to cheek. they are both very much french) SO MANY ALLEZs! great match.

-------DAMN I"M TIRED and i gotta wake up in 6 hours for another crazy day!-----i'll have soo many shit to upload by the end of all's all good. :)

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barabanschikova_fan said:
i saw lina krasnouroutskaya sunday afternoon when she was coming back from pratice and now that her hair are a bit longer she is a goddess:) not sharapova but not so far:p
Agreed!! ;) I got her autograph at Wimbledon, she was looking mighty fine... :D

Great pics TM, thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing some more additions and hearing all about it!! :)
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