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Here are my first 5 scanned photos from the US Open, of Maria Sharapova! I will have a few hundred more in coming weeks on Tennisrulz!


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Nice pics!!! Thanks for posting it and sharing with us!!! maria and I look at our racquets the exact same way!!!! :lol: :lol: Do you think she and I were meant to be?! :hearts: ;)

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nice pics... thanks :)

ys said:
I don't get it. Where is a picture of her butt? This 5 are all the same..
what butt? :p

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Russianfan said:
Here are my first 5 scanned photos from the US Open, of Maria Sharapova! I will have a few hundred more in coming weeks on Tennisrulz!
hey PierreC :wavey: :);act=ST;f=8;t=1331

In This Thread, the following FTS (Facts That Sux) regarding tennisrulz, Frank Riley, death threats and lies, have been brought to yuo courtesy of the Car Key Boi

there's a lot of information regarding this debacle, and the following FTS's might not be in their exact chronological order, but they represent a true and fair picture of the shit that went down and why The Admin and other staff members should hang their heads in shame

FTS#1 the owner of Tennisrulz and the two "senior staff members" (PierreC, Gerhard & Glyn respectively, here after referred to as "The Admin") agreed to send Riley to Stanford to cover the event on behalf of

FTS#2 either Riley or The Admin wrote to a Lara Potter (Stanford organizer gurl) in regard to getting a press pass for Riley

FTS#3 Lara Potter sent Riley a questionnaire form. The form was to validate that the request was being made by a valid media outlet (and not a bunch of student tards with a website) This form needed a signature from the owner or the person who was authorizing the request for the aforementioned press pass

FTS#4 Riley asked one or more members of The Admin to authorize the request

FTS#5 The Admin made no effort to sign the form ... in spite of numerous requests by Riley to do so...

FTS#6 with time running out, Riley committed a misdemeanor and forged PierreC and Gerhards sigs and sent the form to Lara Potter. Riley then informed PierreC of his actions. PierreC was not happy but nonetheless let it go. PierreC did not contact Lara Potter to rescind the application

FTS#7 the application was mainly successful as it resulted in Lara Potter offering Riley free tickets for the tournament but not a press pass

FTS#8 Riley then acted like an asshole by writing a ton of annoying letters questioning Lara about the quality of these free tickets. Lara held firm and basically said "that's all we have, take it or leave it blah"

FTS#9 eventually Riley declined the free tickets and traveled to Stanford and bought his own tickets for the entire week. After the tournament, Riley penned an impressive report titled "So much Sunshine, So much Darkness". Riley sent this article to PierreC who thanked Riley and told him it was a great report blah

FTS#10 PierreC published the report on the tennisrulz network

FTS#11 The Car Key Boi was so impressed with Riley's report that he posted it on wtaworldtard where it received much acclaim

FTS#12 One of the "senior staff" members (Gerhard) banned Riley from the tennisrulz board and even deleted the 'Frank Riley' username after a series of arguments regarding Riley's actions in FTS#6 and 8

FTS#13 After an outcry from the Car Key Boi and one or two other tennisrulz tards, PierreC reinstated the 'Frank Riley' account, but removed Riley from his role as mod of the Kournikovatard forum

FTS#14 IMG (Stanford organizer) expressed their displeasure to PierreC about Riley's article. The article did contain some mild criticism of IMG and the manner in which the tournament was promoted and some blah about the arrangement of the courts. This criticism appeared to fair as shown by the poor attendance in Stanford and similar complaints made by one or two of the wtaworldtards who were there

FTS#15 for a couple of weeks or so everything was back to normal on the tennisrulz board. Then one day, Gerhard (still pissed at Riley over FTS# 6 & 8) started deleting and editing Riley's posts citing something to the effect of "do not even mention the name Kournikova in Dokictard forum!!!!!" This outrageous behavior continued for a day or two and culminated in Gerhard deleting ANY post that Riley made, regardless if it mentioned Anna or not

FTS#16 Riley was then banned for the second time, this time by PierreC

FTS#17 Riley then acted like an asshole by making mutliple usernames and pretending to be a "friend of Frank" instead of just admitting "hey, this is Frank, wtf is the justification for banning me?"

FTS#18 a "junior staff member" has cited FTS#17 as justification alone for banning Riley, even thou he admits he knows jack about all the facts that preceded FTS#17 (another *reason for the CKB to post this ITT)

FTS#19 somebody from "The Admin" circulated a rumor amongst the board that Riley's Stanford article was irresponsible and put the network in danger blah and that this was also a justification for Riley's ban

FTS#20 The Car Key Boi then made the point that PierreC is responsible for checking and editing if necessary, any articles that are intended for publication on the tennisrulz network. Either Matty or Glyn or both, then make a remark to the effect of that PierreC is "too busy" to read all the articles that are sent to him and that Riley should have known better...

FTS#21 The Car Key Boi posted an old link to the aforementioned wtaworldtard thread where Riley's article received much acclaim. In That Thread, there was a post by PierreC aka Russianfan which was in reply to a question poised by wtaworldtard jollyroger and the question of Riley's being banned (the frist ban, not the second) to which Russianfan replied thus: "We have not yet discussed the staff status, he will not be a moderator on the board, that I can confirm. But like everyone, he is more than welcome to publish a report, especially such a nice and detailed one "

FTS#22 somebody in "The Admin" committed A FELONY by forging an e-mail purporting to be a death threat by Riley against Lara Potter. A copy of this death threat was sent to the member JIMBO and cited as further justification for Riley's ban

FTS#23 If Riley really did send such an e-mail to Lara Potter, Riley would've found himself face down in the Salinas Valley state prison getting ass-raped by veiny jailbird cock. Riley was neither questioned, arrested or jailed. That's proof that the death threat was a forgery

FTS#24 JIMBO posted this forged death threat, but hasn't as yet, named which member of The Admin it was who sent it to him

FTS#25 PierreC finally makes a statement saying that Riley will remain banned because Riley has made "legal threats" against him...

FTS#26 The Admins' behavior has been nothing short of disgusting and in the case of FTS#22, criminal. Their behavior has gone way beyond any misdemeanors or asshole behavior committed by Riley. Anyone who condones The Admin or tries to fabricate more bullshit to excuse FTS#22 and the other reprehensible actions of the Admin, should hang their heads in shame as well. Shame on yuo PierreC, shame on yuo Gerhard and shame on yuo Glyn - SHAME ON YUO!!!
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