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Stijn & I arrived at the tennisclub op Koksijde round 11.20. The matches had already started at 10am and when I saw the players, I didn't recognise any of them. So I went to the clubhouse and got me an "order of play". Apparently, Heitz was playing Kusgen on court 1, and Cerna was playing Kix.
At first, I thought I'd seen Anna Kournikova lol! Kix was wearing one of Anna's outfits from last year and she also has long, golden hair. She seemed to have problems with her forehand, which also frustated her. Cerna won the 2nd set 7-5, and then the match was over, so Cerna won in straight sets! :)
On court 1, Kusgen & Heitz were also in the 2nd set, with Heitz having won the 1st. Eventually Heitz won the tie-break andthe match. Kusgen was so upset with this, that she smacked her racquet against the stands! :eek: The crowded then booed her off the court! :eek:
I noticed that during this match, a Jewish-looking man with a long beard, and 2 little girls wearing long skirts and long stocking were supporting Heitz. Is she maybe Jewish? I mean, she has a German-sounding name so...? Anyone? ;)

Then, on court 1, Evelyne Van Hyfte & Eva Hrdinova came on court! :D Hrdinova is one tall girl! :eek: Evelyne, who's 1.80m, even looked small compared to her lol! Eva didn't play really well, often hitting returns into the net or out, while Evelyne was solid from the baseline. She immediately broke for a *2-0 lead and never looked back. She served the 1st set out at *5-1. In the 2nd set, the match seemed to become more even, but at 3-3, Eva lost her serve and Eveyne went on to win the next 3 gmes, and the match! :D

On court 2, 2 small blond girls were playing: Laura Siegemund & Kristen Van Elden. Kristen seemed like the better player at the beginning of the match, hitting a lot of BH winners, but Siegemund then showed a great fighting spirit. She was often shouting "YES!!!" after a good point, while Van Elden started to shout and scream with frustration. There was one scary moment when Siegemund fell, but she was ok :) She played the rest of the match, covered with red clay on her right side. Laura won the 1st set, but I'm not sure about the score. I think it was 6-2?
In the 2nd set, there were a LOT of crosscourt backhand rallies! At the end of the set, there was a tie-break. Kristen immediately stormed into a 6-3 lead, but Laura fought back to 6-6! At 8-7, Kristen lost yet another setpoint... Laura eventually won the tie-break 10-8.
Now, I must say something about Siegemund's serve!! :eek: What kind of motion is that!? Every serve takes her like 6 seconds before she actually hits the ball!! It's even worse than watching a slow-motion tape :eek: Kinda annoying to watch!

In the meanwhile, topseeded Belgian Caroline Maes and Spaniard Anna "Fontje" Font appeared on court 1. This match was actually a mismatch. Caroline was just a level or 5 too good for Anna :eek: Caroline broke for a *2-0 lead, *4-0 lead and then won the first set 6-0! She wasthe most impressive player out there, hitting for hard and flat from the baseline. I'll be surprised if she doesn't win this tournament! Anna was kinda sad out there, although she did manage to win some point, due to moonballs or amazing dropshots! :yeah: Maes also won the 2nd set: 6-1!

On court 2, Janette Bejlkova & Nicole Kriz were playing. Sorry if this sounds rude, but um... Kriz is one BIG girl! :eek::eek: She's the Myriam Casanova of the challenger tour! Janette was playing with braces (right ankle) btw. There were some good rallies in this match and both players weren't afraid of finishing the points at the net. Kriz won in straight sets :)

Then the announcer said "Ladies and gentlemen, in 15 minutes, ELKE CLIJSTERS will play her 1st round match!" Hundreds of ppl suddenly appeared :eek: It was just unbelievalbe! Full stands everywhere, ppl watching from the streets, ppl with binoculars on the balconies etc! Seems like the surname "Clijsters" does attract a big crowd, even if it's "the sister" who's playing... One thing is noticed is that Elke & her Mum were both wearing a red Fila top, just like Kim was wearing in Australia.
Babos, Elke's opponent, was a lefty with a tatoon on her ankle.
In the 1st set, Babos was superior. She immediately broke for a 2-0 lead, but Elke fought back, also thanks to the LOUD crowd. The umpire had to ask the crowd to stay calm every now and then btw. She came back to 3-all, but then Babos broke again: 5-3. Elke's return wasn't very aggressive, and Babos was playing really well. But then Elke came back to level at 5-5. The set was eventually decided by a tie-break which Elke won 7-5.
In the 2nd set, Babos seemed a bit mad with the crowd, and I can't blame her for that. Those casual tennisfans know nothing about courtesy! :( The were cheering and laughing when Babos made an error and shouting during points. Babos got fed up with this at a certain point and hit a ball into the crowd, by purpose :)
Elke won the 2nd set 6-4.

On court 2, 2nd seed Navratilova & Française Servane Delobelle were playing. I must say, that Navratilova's not worthy of the 2nd seed position. Her game is not good at all! I mean, she hits moonballs just to piss her opponent off, she would slice her forehand, instead of hitting it hard, for no reason etc! Delobelle was the fighter (and crowd fvourite!) inthis match. At least she had the guts to go for her shots!! I can't believe Navratilova's ranked inside the top-300. She didn't impress me at all... The only thing she was good at was hitting dropshots, oh and smashing.
This thriller match, which lasted over 2h I think, was eventually won by Servane: 7-6 4-6 7-6 I think :)

The last match I saw was Kirsten Flipkens vs. Sylvia Montero. Kirsten started off really well: 2-0, 4-1, 5-2. But then Sylvia broke back: 5-4! I'd never heard of her before, but she's a decent player. Thanks to her great touch, slice BH and a couple of aces, Kirsten won the 1st set 6-4 :)
In the 2nd set, Sylvia took a 2-0 lead, but Kirsten fought back and then won 4 games in a row: 4-2. After a couple of tough games, she served out the match: 6-4 7-5! :)

This is it, hope you enjoyed it!! :D

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thank you :)
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