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Saturday, July 26th

I could finally see Angelique Widjaja live today, i never seen her play before even on TV. She looks nice with yellow nike top and white skirt. She was on the court 10 minutes early than her opponent. I was sitting besides her coach and chat a little bit. HE said her schedule would be San Diego, LA, Toronto, New Haven and US Open, then she probably goint to Bali also, depending on her US Open results.

Jidkova arrived 5 minutes late, and the chair umpire gave the Porche WTA stickers for the players to stick it in their outfit. Angie's coach told me that it is mandatory for the players to wear it in the US, but not in other continents.

The first set was very tight, it was only because Alina could play better int he more important points that she could won that set. Angie was so down after the first set, and start to make tons of unforced errors. and very quick Alina won the second set 6-0. I Took bunch of Angie pictures, but she left very quickly and left the court after she lost. Her coach told me she need to be on her own and let her calm down after a loss like that.

I got pictures of me with Kuznetsova, Sanchez Lorenzo, Serna, Tu, Asagoe, Razanno, Jidkova, Krasnaroutskaya, Farina-Elia and Obata.

I saw Henin live, and her backhand was more phenomenal than what we saw on TV. She's practicing hard, she seems have a little problem with her shoulder. hopefully nothing serious. I took some pics of her practicing, but then my camera's dead, i didn't charge it long enough. So then i have to run to the store to buy a disposable camera and cameback. It seems like sometimes her hitting partner could not keep up with her strokes.

Saw Coetzer practicing with Molik. Razanno with Serna, Vis with Tarabiini, Sanchez Lorenzo with Kuznetsova... Sugiyama with Krasnaroutskaya.

I was impressed with Tu, after her win vs Morigami, she went staright to the practice court and practice some more.

Match of the day was between Taylor vs Obata. Very entertaining and it took them more than 2 hours to finish the match.

Saw Bovina practice today with her hitting partner, like Henin, her hitting partner could not keep up with her shots.

It was a very nice experience for me i will post the pictures when i got a chance, i need some rest so i can go again tomorrow....

The End....

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Sunday, Jul 27th...

I arrived a little bit after 11, I saw Lindsay practicing against Meghann. Looks like they are enjoying each other company. I went on to other practice courts, and i got pics of myself with Schett, Martinez then Rubin. So excited as i couldn't get Rubin from last year.

i didn't put much attention on the matches that were going on excpet for the doubles qualifying between Schett/Farina vs Wild Card pair ( I forgot what their names were). The match pretty much one sided, the experience speaks for it self. They won 8-1.

Saw Frazier hitting with Coetzer, and damn she's pale. Lori McNeil (Amanda's coach) keeps taking a peak of Chanda's practice, i don't know if she was spying on Chanda or some other reason.

Tammy Tanasugarn was practicing with Laura Granville. Ai works as hard as i can remember from last year, spending lots and lots of time at the practice courts. She brought her full team with her, coach, trainer + Mom.

Saw a little bit of Jidkova vs Tu, no wonder Angie lost, Alina is playing so well.

I saw Angie running to the court, and i asked her if i can have a pic with her, she said in a very polite way, "can we take it after practice, i am really really late" I said sure go practice first.

Stubbs was hittting with Pisnik then with Martinez. I got my last year pic signed by Rennae, Conchita, Daniela and also Tammy.

Tammy is such a sweet lady, she still remembers me although it has been a year. She asked me how i was, and she said you'll be around right? i will see you throughout the tournament. She also said have you met Angie yet? As she knows i am Indonesian.

Got more pic of myself with Pratt, Taylor, Dementieva, Petrova, Ruano Pascual and ANGIE...

I chatted a bit with Angie. I asked if she ever been to San Diego before and offered her a tour if she would like me to take her. She said she wanted to but maybe after she finished all her matches. She still has doubles to play. I asked her if she wanted to go to college or keep playing tennis, and she said that at the moment tennis is her #1 priority, she said all her older brothers (5) of them went to school in Los Angeles, but they never took her to San Diego before.

I also chatted with Petrova a little bit, congratulate her for the French and asked her who she's playing doubles with. She said Srebotnik, i was surprised, as Srebotnik always plays with Krizan. but she said Srebotnik is not playing with Krizan this week and the next. She's really nice. Then she joined the Slovenian team and practice with Srebotnik and Krizan.

Pierce was practicing with Hantuchova, Mary is looking fitter than last year, and she's back with her old coach, Sven something. Her shots looked sharp and she practice quite bit of volleys. Stubbs (who happened to be her doubles partner this week) was commenting about her missed volley from 2 courts away from Mary's court. Stubbs was joking about it, and mary replied, from all the shots you have to see that one huh.. and they all laugh including martinez and hantuchova.

justine was hitting with her hitting partner again, no signs of Carlos, but Pierre Yves was ther feeding her balls. she looks more an assistant than a husband to me, that's why lots of tennis players aren't married maybe.

i got sunburn today as i forgot to put on sun block and it was damn hot today, i might forgot some stories but i will added if i remember something. Thank you let me know if you like it and i won't be back till wednesday. will post pics when i get the chance.

bye for now till the next report
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