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Today was played the singles final of the Guadalajara $10,000 event. Carla Tiene against Graciela Velez.
Finally there was more people in the stadium, probably cos it is saturday. ;) Anyways...

Carla Tiene def. Graciela Velez 6-4, 6-1 :sad:
The first set started with Graciela going up 40-15 on serve, then she started to make some errors and finished with a double fault so Carla broke. Carla then made errors and got broken. 1-1. Next 3 games were very long with at least 3 deuces in each one, Carla went up 4-1 and then held pretty easily for a 5-1 lead. Not good match at the moment. Graciela finally started to play decently and with some very good winners and good dropshots she made it back to 4-5, Carla was serving 0-30 and then a lucky netcord for her :mad: 15-30, 2 errors of Graciela and a very good volley for Carla gave her the first set 6-4. In the second set Graciela opened with a double fault and then 2 errors and a double fault. She seemed to have some kind of blisters in the hand and called the doctor, they took some time and then returned to court, Graciela had a break point but couldn't convert it, then held serve 2-1. Then Carla held pretty easily and Graciela started to play worst and worst with more double faults and double faults, she screamed a lot to her self but didn't helped. Carla was very consistent trying to keep the ball in the court and waiting for Graciela to make the error. Finally Carla won 6-4, 6-1 and she seemed very happy :)

At least my prediction of the winner was correct :D ;) :p

Now both players travel to Cd. Juarez $50K. Erika Clarke was seeing the match with Graciela's coach :angel:
Nice tournament, hopefully next year there will be another one :angel:

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Graciela :sad:

good report, im glad you enjoyed the tournament ;)
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