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When the closer for the Yankees, Mariano Riveria, comes into a game, the music they play is Metallica's "Enter Sandman". You must admit, this is a vast improvement over Anna Kournikova entering to "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", certainly in terms of wit and subtlety.

Being obvious is a virtue in natural disasters and raising small children. Rarely otherwise.

So, as a demonstration of YOUR with and subtlely, come up with themes for various players. Music is good, but dont't limit yourself if something else creative comes along.

For example, Jelena Dokic's 2003 season could be sponsored by the movie 'Gigli'.

And if you note the actual ages of the top ten, what could be a better theme for Kim's first week at #1 than 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'?

For Serena, I'm thinking the exit theme to the latest version of Godzilla, which was a rap remix of Led Zep's 'Kashmir'.

For Justine, how about Julie Brown's "The Homecoming Queen has a Gun"?

Ai Sugiyama should be sponsored by the war in Iraq. Impressive advances, occassional lapses in intelligence, and no weapons of mass destruction.

You can be obscure (Lord knows I am), but try not to bore me.
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