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Monica's Coach?

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Can someone tell me what is the name of Monica's coach?

How long has he been Monica's coach?

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Monica's coach & hitting partner is Mike Sell. He has been coaching her for some months I believe, and he also used to play on the mens tour, retiring in 2000. I dont think he was that successful, apparently I heard Billie Jean say he went Top 100 once but I cant remember.

I saw her hitting up with him numerous times during my Open visits this past week, IMO they make a great team :)
His name is Mike Sell. I know they were working together last summer, but I don't know for how long before that. There's an articles about him on by Wertheim.
in an interview Monica said they've been working together since August
I thought he looked there a photo of him out there?
Thanks again nina_rus!
Mike Sell is cute now that he's put on a little weight (all muscle I'm sure). I wonder how Monica stays focused in practice?
Mike Sell is REALLY, REALLY cute!!! And he is really helping Monica. :)

Never leave Monica, Cutie! She needs you! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
well he looks slimmer now than in this photo

I hope he can keep Monica's confidence level high this season - she was...IS hitting some amazing shots out there again
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They hooked up for the first time in Sad Diego last year. They were introduced through MJF, who played team tennis with Sell in summer of 2000.
Im happy Monica's found a coach she seems to like. I hope he's reliable and sticks with her. Her other coaches the last few years have flaked on her and I think it's been a real detriment to her game.

I wondered (seeing how cute he was) if they were possibly romantically involved? What do you all think?
If I were her I would be! But last I heard, monoica is still with that older man.
what older man?
ohmigod, i wa swondering who that guy was. he IS cute! my mom and i were laughing about it since we both thought he was cute. and my mom is 43. heehee...

she thought they were going
Mike Sell is cute :hearts: and along with Monica, they would make a perfect couple :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

hey Janie
who is that older man are you talking about?
I think Janie might mean Paul Allen, the Microsoft billionaire.

They dated in 1996-7, and he helped her out when her dad was sick, but I read a profile of him in GQ a few years ago and it said they broke up in 1997. Since then, no confirmed rumors of any romance for Monica.
Mike Sell / Monica Seles = Couple? Mmm... :drool: LOL! :p
I've read about Paul Allen too, though I've never heard Monica confirm the relationship. When she came to Moscow in 1998 she refused to talk about him. He's also been linked with Jerry Hall (Mick jagger's ex).

Paul Allen

He's a big fan of Jimi Hendrix
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Nina --
Monica also became a big Jimi Hendrix fan after she was stabbed, and she met Paul Allen at the opening of the Jimi Hendrix museum, or perhaps his induction into the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

I've never seen Monica say a word about it, but the magazine article described how he had a lavish party in Venice in the spring of 96 (I think that was the date) and she was the hostess, all bedecked in fabulous costume and Venetian mask!

He's not quite as cute as Mike Sell, eh?
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