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Monica Seles announces engagement.

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Quatar, Emerites Feb. 17, 2002

Future Tennis Hall of Fame player, Monica Seles, shocked the tennis world today when she announced her engagement to a local billionaire sheik.

"I didn't like him at first because he was always asking me out", said the smiling Seles. When asked what made her change her mind, Seles revealed, "His wonderful smile, this soild gold trophy, 24kt. diamond ring, diamond necklace, chest of gold coins, 10 lbs. of precious stones and a 5 million dollar house ... for my dog".

Seles will continue to play tennis, but will soon be playing on the Seles Womens Association of Tennis (SWAT).
The shiek also sent several of his very large close employees to Germany to look for a special person in his fiance's life for undisclosed reasons.

Seles was then carried by four of her new servants to her personal 757 for her next match. Her dog followed in his new Jetstream.
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TeeRexx said:
Quatar, Emerites Feb. 17, 2002

The shiek also sent several of his very large close employees to Germany to look for a special person in his fiance's life for undisclosed reasons.

I honestly don't find the whole thread funny but then, maybe my sense of humour isn't very good.

But whether it's funny or not, including that line was totally uncalled for, I guess most Seles fans didn't notice it, but making fun of someone's personal tragedy is truly pathetic.
sartrista7 said:
Do Monica Seles fans have senses of humour?

:ducks flames:
I don't know Monica Seles fans, I am not one of them, maybe I dont have a sense of humour, but joking about a tragedy has never been funny for me.
sartrista7 said:
Joking about tragedy has provided some of the best, sharpest cutting-edge comedy of our times. The juxtaposition of laughter and tears is one of the most effective artistic devices around. It takes skill to mix the two without it descending into tastelessness and, imo, TeeRexx did that.
in your opinion
I wonder if the same thing was posted about Venus or Serena if some people would find it so funny and would say it's just a joke.
TeeRexx said:
Since you have a short memory, let me remind you that i did write just the same sort of story about VENUS on the Sanex board and funny, you didn't complain.

I am not trying to please you and your cohorts.
What I do, I do for my enjoyment and for those people who may find it entertaining.

I do not know what you find humorous and frankly, I don't give a damn.
Others have said that you are being unnecessarily petty. Take heed, they just may be right.

Lets not try and get all upset over a nonexistent issue.

Good bye.
I am sorry, I didnt' know Venus was stabbed and you made fun of it.
Re: Hi peeps!

GrandSlammed said:

Keep the faith Fig... don't lose hope! There is still the chance that Venus or Serena, maybe even both will get stabbed. They'll probably be mobbed while they're playing a doubles match oneday!

There are many, many, many hostile, tennis fans out there who are thinking, "Oh no.. God No!! They're taking our sport... they're taking our sport!" So don't give up kid... these folks just may come through for you yet.

Imagine if what happened at Indian Wells with Serena and family, would have happened in say... Littleton, Colorado ... or Jasper, Texas instead... :eek::eek::eek:
I am not that kind of person, you shouldn't judge people by your own low standards, if Venus Williams had been attacked I would have felt the same way as about Monica, or any other player or human being, but I guess those human feeling are beyond your understanding.
Rocketa, fortunately, Venus hasn't been stabbed, so, no matter how much fun they could do with a Venus photo, it won't be the same.
Celeste, I completely agree, I am not a fan of Monica either, I just found disgusting this kind of jokes.

Some people may find Mr TR funny, I don't in the slightest, for me to be funny it has to be smart, and the last thing I would call this is smart.
TeeRexx said:
These two humorless drolls are probably just upset because they purchased tickets, as they did last year, to Indian Wells, but this time there will be no VENUS and SERENA to be the target of their obsenities, I guess. :eek: :p
As usual mr TR loves to play the victim and accuse every white man of being a racist, so, in his own little word he is justified to bash anyone because he is part of an oppressed minority.

1) I've never been to Indian Wells nor I plan to
2) I would never pay to watch a Venus or Serena match, unless they play one of my favourites.
3) I don't say obsenities to players, or anyone else, that's you my friend, don't judge me with your own low class standards.
4) What the hell does it have to do with anything?
5) If you are so open-minded, why don't you do a joke about IW 2001?, would you like it?

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