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Monica in 2002

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It's never too early or late to start making your predictions. So, what would you like Monica's schedule be? This would be mine for Monica

Hopman Cup (Winner w/Gambill)<br />Sydney (SF's)<br />Australian Open (SF's)<br />Memphis (W)<br />Indian Wells (QF's)<br />Miami (QF's)<br />Amelia Island (W)<br />Charleston (W)<br />Rome (W)<br />Roland Garros (W)<br />Wimbledon (QF)<br />San Diego (SF)<br />Los Angeles (F)<br />Toronto (W)<br />US Open (SF)<br />Bahia (W)<br />Tokyo (W)<br />Zurich (F)<br />Linz (F)

19 Tournaments. I also added in results
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Hi, GoMonica! <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <br />Hopman cup (w)<br />Sydney (qf)<br />Australian open (sf)<br />Memphis(w)<br />Indian Wells (qf)<br />Miami (w)<br />Amalia Island (sf)<br />Charleston (qf)<br />Rome (w)<br />RG (sf)<br />Eastbourne (w)<br />Wimbledon (sf)<br />San Diego (f)<br />L. A (w)<br />Toronto (qf)<br />Us open (sf)<br />Tokyo (w)<br />Zürich (sf) <br />Linz (w)<br />I hope Monica will have a great 2002. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
Both of you are underestimating Monica's ability. Although y'all predict a highly successful year for Monica already, Monica can do much better than that. Monica can make the finals of every major, with the possible exception of Wimbledon. I'll talk about the majors now:

Australian Open: The balls bounce more into Monica's strike zone here, which explains her phenomenal success rate in Australia. I can only see Venus or Serena beating her here. But Monica has the ability to defeat Serena too! I believe Monica is now a better player than Lindsay. (I have my reasons.)

Roland Garros: This is where Monica will win. The clay will slow the pace of the more powerful players, so Monica has more time to set up. She is simply the best on this surface. Monica should have won this major in 98, 99, 00, and even 01 (had she played).

Wimbledon: In 2000, Monica played an excellent match against Lindsay that went to 3 sets. Monica is better now than when she played Wimbledon in 2000. She could make the semis, or even the finals if Serena and Venus end on the same half together.

US Open: Monica can win this too I think. She can angle off the balls with considerable pace--an asset worth noting. This feature in her game may cause fits for Misses Venus and Serena.

Like I said. Monica is a better player than Lindsay now, so Monica could end 2002 #2 or even #1. Monica can do damage in a lot of areas, especially clay. She can collect bonus points from some good names.

Oh and think about it. If Monica had never been injured this year, she would have been #1. She was better than Jennifer all along. So when Monica got injured she was #4 and Jen was #5. Monica would have won the French. She would have made the finals at Wimbledon. Not to mention how she would have faired in all those other Tier 1s and 2s.
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I think Monica should play:

Hopman Cup (W)<br />Australian Open (F)<br />Memphis (W)<br />Indian Wells (SF)<br />Miami (SF)<br />Sarasota (W)<br />Amelie Island (W)<br />Charleston (W)<br />Rome (W)<br />Roland Garros (W)<br />Eastbourne (F)<br />Wimbledon (SF)<br />San Diego (F)<br />Los Angeles (W)<br />Canada (W)<br />U.S. Open (SF)<br />Brazil (W)<br />Tokyo (W)<br />Zuich (W)<br />Linz (F)

If Monica did this, I would be impressed!!!!!
i don't want to make any prediction so i just wish Monica all the best in the 2002 season and hope she will win as much tournaments as she can

nice topic matt..

Hopman Cup (Winner w/Gambill)<br />Sydney (W) <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> i'll be cheering from stands<br />Australian Open (SF's)<br />Memphis (W)<br />Indian Wells (QF's)<br />Miami (SF's)<br />Amelia Island (W)<br />Charleston (SF)<br />Rome (F)<br />Roland Garros (W)<br />Wimbledon (QF)<br />San Diego (SF)<br />Los Angeles (SF)<br />Toronto (W)<br />US Open (QF)<br />Bahia (W)<br />Tokyo (F)<br />Zurich (QF)<br />Linz (QF)
I just hope Monica is injury free in 2002 and is in the best shape possible after all this time off now!

I'm sure she will have great results again and win many torneys my prediction is she will win

Hopman Cup<br />Memphis<br />Sarasota<br />Amelia Island<br />Charlston<br />Rome<br />French<br />Canadian Open<br />Bahia<br />Tokyo

And also get great Grandslam results aswell!
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