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GayAircraft, do you know Torro-Flor Maria-Teresa has injury in Acapulco or no?

thanks for interesting match stories.

never been in Acapulco, coz their catolic church really prohibites to offer gay friendly tariffs to aerotickets ))

if seriously, donna know what injury she had

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Tyskie beer - main sponsor of afternoon report))

Well , I missed 1st matches, becoz tiket offices worked in Polish style)) Matches started at 10 am , and a cashier went to kiosk at 10.30/ And +50 minutes of standing in queue. After that I had to return to hotel, took some vodka and hot bath to prevent flu. Scmidlova's magic left uncovered )) But 3rd time lucky, I guess, against Cornet I will see her for sure

Piter bravely fought, but unable to win at least a set. MEC was controlling most of key points, making Piter to risk , to attack, even when it was unnessecerily. In 2nd set Piter made a small turnarund from 1-2 to 4-2, but did not hold the momentum, having made a few errors ina row.

Craybas as yesterday, as a day before yestesrday, played well, moved well, but today she was making a little bit more errors at medium tempo. Buryachok could not maintain even slow tempo and easily lost

Zakky-Pliskova Kr
Zakopalova spent some time to get use to indoor claycourt, as well as Plikova was making a lot of winners. Then Zakky felt more and more comfortable with her tricky shots, changing depth and angles, and Kristi started to loose points easier and easier.

The most intriguing match so far. Ukranian started well, making an early break, but could not convert setpoitn at 5-3. Martic felt her tension and became more agressive. But nevertheless Svitolina managed to win a set. In 2nd set Martic delt confidence with her serve, mixing it up very well, started rush to the net faster and smarter, did hit some good, tough-to-reach overheads.
3rd set was full of nerves fro Svitolina's side. She threw her raquet several times, and finally lost her confidence, making a couple of simple errors at key points
Aren't you the guy who fell asleep during Pliskova-Torro? :lol:

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Well, Zubrus, but not is famous Polish beer (today I got stronger (6%) version to make dreams more cruelllll - our current sponsor of GayFriendleAircraft report))

It was a long long day fro 10 am till 11 30 pm, when LDL could convert her matchball. Up to this moment, all security guards sat in facepalm position)) Every tournament's staff behave itself the same way, evereone eagerly supporting a player, who had won 1st set. And noone can stand still, when this player loosing the 2nd set, having mathballlll. Like Robson did. And all securities had to see their children only slept ((

About evening session

KaPliskova(right-handed girl)-Torroflor
It was very strange match, IMO. From start Spanish began spraying every ball to everywhere, but not in court. It was happening until Pliskova took a large lead with set an a bteak ahead. Then something changed in the air )) and from this moment only Czech was hitting balls into green Spodek Arena fences...After 3rd set had begun, only Torro was making UFE. Im too suspicious, ofcourse, may be this is jus WTA, and they are just weak women....

I always wondering how stupid must be a human, wasting a talent regularly during manymany years...That human is Marta, and Im reaaly aprecciating her efforts not to train even a little all this 10 years I see her in Tour. This is real power of will I guess - nightclubbng, shopping, hanging around, but not to hit a couple of hours a day to get at least top100 easily.
Well, and tonite she impressed me during warmup with groundstrokes in Clijsters style - hitpoints were as low as there s possible. U must agree, if she was able to do it at least a set in any match, her ranking wouldnot have been so low..
But during the match, ofcourse, she had ups and downs, but mostly she was dictating a play, pushing Beck deeper off baseline. Many UFE led to 6-3 Beck in 1st set.
2nd set was similar to 1st, if I would talk about gameplans of both sides. But with another result - Marta had a break two times, served for the set, failed, lost her temper, and finished the match with a DF.
Nevertheless, Polish crowd was enough warm and gave some applause to her. Good Samaritian people))

As I expected early morning, this was a true match of the day. Robson, led by Crajan's tactical ability, did not accepted LDL's offer to change topspins and moonballs. She started enough agressively, but not too much - thats waht a doctor recommended. Lino kept patience and was continuing to move tall Brit from side to side, mixing up topspins with drop shots.
Robson led 5*-3, LDL rebroke her in style, made Brit to loose her temper. 6-5* and Krajan went in front of the battle with another tactics. Some little change and cool Robson easily had taken Spanish serve and won 1st set 75
Lino started 2nd set with early break but Brit did not allow her to extend the lead, mixing up powerful shots with good angles. LDL was nor prepared to angles and was bound to move forward, inside a court, to prevent it. That was a trap, becoz Robson started again to hit with extreme power and girls had come to a tiebreak.
6-5* and Robson had got matchpoint...There was a real WTA shame))) She did hit short ball from halfcourt into a net and felt onto her knees...LDL clatched this opportunity and score became equal 75 67
LDL was really dominating through 3rd set, after loosing her serve at 1st game. She was moving better, was thinkig faster and was focused much more than Robson.
I must add to this, that Brit has some breathe problems, but no trainer appeared

hope u r happy to read it ))
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