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Momo shoulda won a slam by now

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IMO, i think she shoulda. shes got the game so it has to be mental.

from 99 ive been expecting her to lift a slam, but she needs to toughen up. maybe she should see the person who suddenly made Henin as hard as nails.

shes got a game for all in Melbourne, semis at the AEC and NYC, hasnt quite ruled RG yet but has had amazing results on clay.

but she ALWAYS seems to come up short when it matters.

do you guys think she'll EVER win a slam? and if so, soon?
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I disagree also. She's to darn sickly. There is something about her spirit that is missing the element of fierceness. She'll always be know to me as the gal that could have....if she only had the heart.
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