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She has very limited results so far so it might be premature to create a cheering thread for her but I wanted to let people know about Mirna Marinovic. According to the ITF website, she's a 19-year-old Croat (born May 1989), born in Mostar and living in Makarska. She's currently unranked but reached a career-high rank of 777, in May of last year 2007.

I've watched her play several times at this week's $10K in Dubrovnik and have been very impressed. She won three matches to qualify. Then in R1 of the MD she beat another qualifier and in R2 she destroyed Ema Polic (SRB; #709), who had earlier beaten the #4 seed; the score was 61 61. That means that Mirna is through to the QF, where she'll play Paola Cigui (ITA; #699).

Let's wish Mirna good luck!

PS: Mirna is very pretty and dresses cute--but when she gets angry with herself she swears like a sailor!
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