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It was a nice try. Unfortunately came up short against one of the top teams. I have to say, these courts are so slow and the ball is bouncing so high. Many rallies and just look at some of the names in the last 16...

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I hope she retires very soon.

She can't handle expectations.

She couldn't handle expectations after 1999 and she still can't handle them today. Period.

There's nothing left. Enormous hitter. This was her genuine seeded chance.

She not only stunk, she SUPER stunk.

I pray she retires after this idiotic floppage.

With her amazing power ... it only magnifies her mental crappiness as a thinker on the court.

I can't believe that a player with her sheer physical power and years of experience is so mush-headed. So strategically weak.

In the back of my mind, as a tennis aficionado, I'll always cherish her unexpected runs, but Mirjana Lucic is a complete head-case.

The Jana Novotna of our day ... only Jana won a Slam.

I pray I'll never have to hear about Dear Miki again. ?


(Miki of course will always be special and beloved. I honestly don't care if she ever picks-up a racquet again; the woman has proved herself as a champ/winner/class-act for posterity. ??

But she really needs to hang it up, imo. Her career very suddenly became a galling, blatant case of:

" ... round and round the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel ... round and round the mulberry bush, POP! goes the WEASEL ..."

This was her one moment to leap to the next level. This was her "window."

She flopped.

She doesn't have that extra mental gear. End of tale.

Am I the only one who sees this, who sees the finality of this "busted front wheel" moment?

Surely I cannot be the only one.

It's not the worst thing that can happen in sport -- just have a gander at what happened to Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

That's some horrific shit. That's the ruin of sport. That's serious business. Not Mirjana's jumpy nerves.

Anybody on MLB's team who truly cares about her has surely broached the issue of ending it. Anyone with sense.

Love Ye, MLB, but now it's time to freakin' retire, Lady. Don't throw *all* your hard-earned dignity out the door, at this point.

Play the US Open, perhaps win ONE more R1 encounter, lose horribly in the next match, and then see the writing on the wall. There are many other fulfilling things for her to do in sport.

Maybe enjoy a "farewell pass" of the Euro indoor events and then GO AWAY QUIETLY, while in the Top 50. ?

What else? Bounce around until she hits #115 again? SCREW THAT.

Tennis has just shown you the door, chick. It happens.

Transition. Make a baby. Make pasta with hubby. Throw yourself a party. Just freakin' stop trying to chase the carrot. It's *clearly* OVER.

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Mirjana needs to pick up some points before the open or she'll be in danger of not being seeded (not that it helped her at RG or Wimbledon).
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