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Message for Jennifer

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Dear Jennifer! I don't know if you or smbody of your relatieves ever read this message. I hope you'll do it.
I watched your match against Justine yesterday. Unfortunately you lost and that loss was unbelievable cause you played such a great tennis.
Of course it's difficult to understand your feelings not having been in your situation.I can imagine you're shocked and lost and can think only about that match, reminding those awful moments.But don't put attention on that and remember one important thing - in hearts of millions of people: your fans, friends and relatieves, you're the winner not only in that match, but the winner in your tennis, in your life.
So, for the sake of God, try to forget about it, begin a new page in your tennis life and never loose your confidence because you're really the best. And I'm sure you can really do it. You're fighter and a great person and prove it every day.
And your fans and I will try to share with you your bad felings and to relieve your hurt.
You are an example for me to follow not only in tennis but also in life - remember it, please.
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Good message! *Thumbs UP*
Great message, she showed she HAS GAME, thats all that matters.... It hurts but, we love her still!!!

sweet message!!!!!

I'll always love you jennifer :kiss:
keep going , it was jus a game! ;)
you are the best!!!!!!! :bounce: :bounce: and you will always be my no 1# :worship: :worship: :worship:
it wasnt just a game it was THE game!!!!!she kicked ass even tho she didnt come out on top.she is my hero and i love her more everyday.she is such a winner and i think she is startin to realise this as she looks more relaxed on court and like she is havin fun.
we really do all love u jenny dont ever forget it!!!!!!
Jen, you had another classic match it will be remembered for years to come! You are still the best even in defeat. Just keep smiling and hold you head high!!
I saw the last two sets and Jen was playing amazing. It was only when serving for the match that she faltered.

She was so aggressive and absolutely banging that forehand! And she really was the better player that nite. I'm SO confident that if she'd won, we'd have a USO trophy to hold up in Jen's Den!

Apart from her serving games, we can't fault Jennifer at all, she just played some amazing tennis and I hope that this loss shows her how close she is to the VERY top of the game and that she belongs there!

Like I said, its all about that one win and things will turn around!!

We have to keep the faith, I'm sure she will. And I hope we get to see the Queen of the AO come back in style and rack up some major rankings points to get back in the Top 3.

Go Jenny, you did us proud!!
that's right, even though jen could afford to get better mentally, we at least know physically she is up there with the best of the best. hey, she may have lost, but she kicked justine's ASS ok?? i mean, the poor girl had to get an IV afterwards for chrissake, and our jen was still standing.

we love you jen. you really are the best. thanx for making me proud to be your fan.
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