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The mens tournement at Oz Open is gonna be such a fizzer in the 2nd week...

The highest seed left is Henman at # 6!!!!

In the bottom half of the draw, the only seeded players left are:

Henman # 6
Canas #12
Johansson #16
El Aynaoui # 21
Novak # 26

SO out of those players, one should make the final (although they way this tournament is going, being a seed is a DISADVANTAGE)..

I like a few upsets early on, but not this many!! It makes for a very boring week imo...

Thank god we have the women to keep things interesting!!!

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It sometimes happens. A few years ago (maybe 1996 and 97?) I seem to recall there were three unseeded semifinalists at Wimbledon two years in a row! People were saying it was the end of the world, but of course everything got back to normal. I think it keeps things interesting personally, even though I am sorry to see some of my favourites fall.
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