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Hi everyone, I post this among the zillions of threads of alphabet soup. I know there are a lot of games out there competing for your attention. But MBTA is back for its third season, making it one of the oldest games on the message board. I hope everyone who played last year will continue to play and that new players will join. We used to have 128 players for some tournaments and I hope that will continue. You can join any time during the year but this is a prime time's the beginning of the season! So here are the instructions for new posters and those who need a refresher. Here are the steps for playing MBTA:

1. Post your name in the "MBTA Sign-Up" thread found in most tournament forums. Of course, we do not play EVERY tournament, usually only the higher tiers. So if you don't find a thread in there for MBTA it means we're not playing that one.

2. When the actual commitment lists or draws come out for the tournaments, choose the 3 seeded players you think will get the farthest in the tournament.

3. Choose 3 unseeded players in teh same way.

4. Finally, choose 1 unseeded player to be your security player. This player is not counted in your point total unless you tie with another poster. Then, whoever has the higher security player wins the match.

5. Check back later to find out how you're doing.

That's all you have to do but here's what I do after I get your picks.<br />1. The names of all the posters that submitted picks are put into a list.<br />2. I decide how big the draw will be (based on the number of participants) and then see how many seeds there will be. The top players are usually awarded byes through the first round if I don't have an even number of players (like 8, 16, 32 etc.)<br />3. The seeds are placed into the draw as they are in every other tournament.<br />4. The unseeded players are randomly assigned into the remaining slots.<br />5. Teh tournament begins. After each round of actual tournament play, I calculate each poster's points. The poster with the higher total wins the match and moves on to the next round. This is continued until we have a champion at the end.<br />6. Ranking points are awarded to each player as they are in the WTA. Our ranking system is cumulative but htat is the only difference between this one and the WTA system. Points are defended each year. <br />7. As soon as possible after each tournament, I will release the latest rankings and it all starts over again.

The previous is found at my site <a href=""></a>
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