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I found what Wertheim said in today's tennis mailbag to be very interesting:

This from the USTA publicity machine: "Venus Williams didn't waste any time trying to retool her game after returning from her fourth-round loss at the Australian Open. As soon as she got back to the United States, Williams called the USA Tennis High Performance West Coast Training Center to find someone to hit with. On Saturday (the day her sister won the women's singles title) Venus hit with USTA Coach David Nainkin. The two also had four-hour training sessions during three of the next four days before Williams left for home on Wednesday." Oddly enough, there was also a recent Venus sighting at the tennis center in Queens, playing indoors with the air-conditioning turned off. :bounce:

I hope this is true & she is ready to really begin working hard on her game again. It's nice to see she went to another coach for some help. Oracene can only do so much :)
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