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Game 240 - A Touch of Madness

Danny Brown - Dip

I picked this song because of the artist. Danny Brown has a very eccentric and unique way of rapping and his songs just come out at you. Zany, full of colour and even hyperactive. He also has such a laid back yet introspective personality. He looks a bit kooky at times (especially when he was missing his front two teeth due to a childhood accident, but he got them fixed up sometime after Old was released) It's hard to describe really, you just feel like he is one of those guys who you could easily chill with and have a good time. The song reflects that a lot. Set to a heavy trap beat, Dip is about 'dipping' i.e. taking of ecstasy/MDMA (or 'molly'), and the reactions it produces while at a rave party, presumably. The lyrics are simple but catchy and quite witty at points ('like Lieutenant Dan I'm rolling' :lol: Forrest Gump reference), and the chorus is super punchy (don't let me into my zone! You haters leave me alone). Dip is a great song and Danny is a fun artist but I knew it would be polarising. No doubt I had a few highs and many 0 pters as well. It barely made the final at 10th in semis (glad it still made it) and finished 11th in the final. Thanks to fufu, Adam, TF102, JMG, Proudserb and Whitlinger Jones for supporting it in particular.

Interesting trivia: Danny Brown spent some time in prison (2006) and sold drugs before he started releasing music, and emerged broke and living in his grandmother's basement, so this represents a big turnaround for him.

She licked it off my index, before that she been wet
Now she licking on her best friend while they suck me watching sunset
That's right bitch we ain't done yet, lifting up her sundress
It kicked in she licking, before I blink she undressed
Molly making her feel good, it's a feeling she can't explain
But obvious we got some problems, so bitch, let's kill that pain
I'm blown, I'm zooted, can't believe I'm even moving
Off a half a gram of molly, we about to go party, and I don't know what I'm doing

Game 241 - Explicit Content

Danny Brown - Express Yourself

As I described in the thread, I had slowly started to warm up to music with explicit lyrics a few years ago, and that was really the only way I was going to appreciate genres such as hiphop where unsavoury language is passed so often. In some respects, the rawness and realness of life is accentuated through explicit language where pop radio loves to polish things and make them gleam. While there were many songs that I could have sent, I decided to go for a Danny Brown track because this theme invariably seemed like one I could go full out and get away with that.

Danny obviously wrote this to be a 'joke' track (not quite official), produced by Trampy. It's basically a song about sexual fantasy without limitations, which includes twerking and pussy eating, and riding. Erotic and dangerously naughty in one. And again, Danny just does his thing with the song and paints some pretty formidable pictures with his word plays. There are surprising hooks and curves, even comedic value, especially the prechorus and chorus sections of the song. It's very difficult to listen to it with a straight face. Intriguingly, this song fared better than "Dip", perhaps due to reduced competition, and it's sheer (even adorable) ridiculousness. It finished 3rd in the semis and 7th in the final, so I'm very pleased with that. Beat, Cesare Borgia, TIEFSEE, Leif and SRB Analyst particularly enjoyed this track :hatoff:

Don't stop girl keep twerking it
Let me see what you working with
I'm watching you and I'm wondering if you can do that with my dick in it
The ass looking ridiculous, make me want to get in it
I swear to God she go ignorant, don’t stop girl, keep getting it

Toes on the wall and her ass in the air
And she twerk that thing like she ain't have a care
With her toes on the wall and her ass in the air
And she twerk that thing like she ain't have a care

Express yourself, express yourself
Express yourself, express yourself
Express yourself, express yourself
Express yourself, express yourself
Go on, girl and express yourself

Game 242 - Touched By The Hand of Goth

Forced Oscillations - Acids (remix of Notchnoi Prospekt)

Truth be told I do not listen to a great deal of goth music or actively seek it out, but I think I know good goth music when I see it. What better than to send goth music (postpunk darkwave) from a Soviet Russian band? Technically I sent the remix by Forced Oscillations since it is more concise an adaptation for those with short attention spans (nevertheless the original of 9 minutes, known as "Kisloty" in Russian, is definitely worth the listen, along with other Notchnoi Prospekt's songs from the same album). The 4 minute experience is fairly harrowing with good input from the synths, punchy bass and stirring chord progression. It's also very heavy and almost industrial in flavour. Now and again we have those deep goth vocals. I hadn't finished in the podium for over 25 games, so this was nice to see it finish 2nd, just a few points shy of TIEFSEE's G-Schmitt winning entry and confirms I do actually know my goth :lol:

And the stunning original that inspired it.

with the album, oh so Russian and imperial. It's such an exciting album I may send one from there later on.

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Game 243 - Music of Japan

Yoshiko Sai - Hitono Inai Shima

Proudserb chose the theme to please Chrono (TIEFSEE, who would win the goth game anyhow). I went with Yoshiko Sai again, this time with a soft folk ballad. The song means "Desert Island" and you can really sense the isolation in the song, yet a feeling of tranquility conveyed well in her vocal. It has a simple soothing melody, with a nice arrangement of strings (I imagine some Chinese stringed instrument), and flute. Unfortunately, while it did well, it again fell short of winning, making it the 3rd time Yoshiko has finished runner up (Wanderer also came 2nd with a submission in the 193 folk game). Someday maybe you will come out on top :hug:

Game 244 - SilverPersian Isle of Dipshits

Daso - Meine

Let's just say of all the various options I could have used, I didn't exactly think through this one very thoroughly, should have considered SilverPersian's tastes better. I just picked a song I heard off youtube a while back though I can't say I have a particular affinity towards it. It finished 20th in the finals as I kind expected. The track itself isn't that bad though, it's a lowkey dance track with some hypnotic qualities. One could say a lot happens or none at all. A better review lies here:

RIP to the artist who passed on cancer while very young.

Game 245 - Colours

Sebastien Tellier - Lovely Blonde

Similarly to Daso, I heard of this one and wanted to send it though I wasn't exactly very invested in the track, Sebastien actually has better in his catalogue. Nevertheless, it has nice core synths that said that repeat throughout and that melancholy vibe as if something's gone wrong, but not a harrowing sense of doom. Fitting to be used as a film score for a series such as "A Girl Is A Gun", a nod to the femme fatale. The whole song is quite a homage to this idea. Sebastien also produced other synthpop tracks for it as per your French house/electronic producer, and you can feel the signature 'spunkiness' of his production. His collaboration with Dita Von Teese has yielded surprisingly good results (I may submit in the future), seems to really understand the charms of a woman.

some other Tellier (Sexuality particularly good):


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I like how you use my MTF's username here. :lol:

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Game 246 - Blame It On The Youtube

Forest Swords - Raw Language

We had to pick a send that we have learnt about via youtube the very first time (which includes the artist). Forest Swords (Matthew Barnes) is a British producer who does quite a bit of experimental ambient music. Raw Language comes out of a very sharp album Compassion released in 2017. Raw Language features many different intertwining textures but also some strong individual melody elements. Cutting strings giving a strong orchestral presence, rousing choral synth-like supplies. As it's name suggests, it is a very expressive track, shooting rapid pace through the first half, then slowing down into a saxophone solo, before a reprisal of the main elements. The main selling pts are the variegated but catchy textures, and the accompanying video full of vibrant and vivid colours adds to that. It does feel like a story being told through music. This was an earworm to me at first listen but perhaps it's combination of slightly experimental textures didn't work well for BSG listeners with 7/27 voters giving pts in the final. Thanks to Beat in particular for a 10.

Some other great tracks

Game 247- Lucky Eight

Primal Scream - Some Velvet Morning ft. Kate Moss

The theme was basically pick songs from the 80s, tracks with the number 8 embedded in the title, or track 8k of an album, k being a positive integer. I picked Some Velvet Morning, the 8th track of Evil Heat. Beat later said it was a different version but I wasn't aware at the time there was another release! This is an early 00s track, with some clear dance elements, heavy piano (that sounds very string like!), but more electronic pop-rock. I liked the rhythmic components, and Kate does have a fairy like voice to add to the chorus about daffodils :p. The original by Lee Hazlewood (with Nancy Sinatra) is actually an interesting ballad that feels Western and is somewhat psychedelic at pts (or at least easy to get lost in) but Primal Scream simplifies things a bit here, without the time signature change noted in the original, and notably a poppier, more upbeat track, though elements of the 'dreaminess' in the original are preserved. It was 2nd in its semi and finished as 6th in the finals. Thanks to SilverPersian, drg, TIEFSEE and aerosmash for high pts.

and the original

Some velvet morning
When I'm straight
I'm gonna open up your gate
Some velvet morning
When I'm straight
I'm gonna open up your gate
Flowers growing on a hill
Dragonflies and daffodils
Learn from us very much
Look at us but do not touch
Phaedra is my name

Game 248- Open

Travis Scott - SKELETONS

Open games are typically difficult to send for just because it is so open. I went with Travis Scott, who is fast becoming to me what I suppose Madonna is to Queen Vika, or ABBA is to AdeyC in these games. That is to say one is immersed in what that artist has to offer and their artistic vision. When I want to listen to something good to raise my mood, Travis Scott probably fits in the mix. I was a bit surprised he had never been submitted in nearly 250 games but I'm glad I got to change that. Admittedly I did make a mistake in the submission, as there were more notable items on the new album Astroworld that I wanted to highlight, but felt a poppier approach would be gentle for BSG. How my thinking is screwed on the wrong way sometimes.

Nevertheless SKELETONS is an example of Travis Scott's ability to meld into other genres. Here he uses psychedelia produced by Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and adds The Weeknd's crooning vocal tones and a bit of Pharrell Williams. It is a relatively short track as some pointed out, finishes almost as it started. The soaring vocal melodies especially towards the end of the song are what I live for "standing in the ocean...make waves echoing (echoing)" and it does sound like a day out at the beach. Travis loves doing this particular one live where he almost looks entranced as extends the finish. You have rage on one end and sombre. This one settles in between, perhaps one of the smoother of Travis Scott's tracks but without any feeling of gloom attached to it. Bit disappointed that people really didn't appreciate the track as much. Lyrically I know there was something to be desired in Travis' verse, but the psychedelia should be awarded better. Also too much criticism of autotune which imo wasn't used very excessively. That said, Travis Scott does employ autotune in his tracks but a majority of them are fit for purpose to create soaring moods, and enhance them moreso than to look artificial but I don't expect listeners to be so attuned to it. Not unexpectedly flopped hard but that won't stop me sending other Travis Scott tracks in the future.

Standing in the ocean (standing in the ocean) (Ooh)
Let memories makes wave
Echoing (echoing), echoing
Standing in the ocean
(Oh, baby)
Standing in the ocean
Feels like slow motion, we're floating at the speed

As I said this isn't a typical Travis Scott track. He is known more for hardcore rage experiences in the trap hiphop genre though he doesn't pigeonhole himself as a rapper, but as an artist.

Alternative track I had in mind. Kid Cudi, James Blake and Stevie Wonder (harmonica) feature :hearts:

I write about the appeal of Travis Scott here:

Not exactly unexpected though I hoped not to finish last. If the artist had been credited as Tame Impala and it had been a bit longer it might have done better :eek: Thankfully real life critics are a bit more open and truly rate Travis Scott'snew album as one of high quality, it sits at 85 on metacritic which compiles reviews from many sources including Pitchfork (78). Most notably he prevented Nicki Minaj from reaching Billboard no.1 with her album which caused her to flip out!

In some ways this wasn't quite the intro I wanted to give him to this game (though for those unaware that avatar I've been sporting for a while...), nice song texture wise but not exactly representative of his wares and not even one of the best songs on the album, but that is the nature of his exploration and adaptability (also see Stop Trying To Be God ft Kid Cudi, Stevie Wonder and James Blake which is fairly removed from hiphop).

Travis Scott's work is usually a lot more 'hardcore' (they don't call him 'king of rage' or La Flame for nothing) or 'druggy' so if I do send the harder stuff from him in the future, don't say you didn't ask for it. :grin2: I'm aware he isn't the greatest vocalist, or lyricist and does use autotune a fair bit but he does have a good hand in production and consistency yet breadth of ideas which I sometimes find lacking in contemporary mainstream hiphop. He spent nearly two years working on Astroworld with a nice palette of feature artists and I can say I liked at least 10/17 tracks, with maybe 2 that didn't work for me. Stargazing and Sicko mode were my alternative sends for this one.
Not every work in his catalogue is good of course but those that are have truly infectious and memorable quality even for being simple. I became hooked for life on the basis of listening to just one track from his Rodeo album thanks to Youtube, wonder if @Adam or others could guess which one?

Studio aside he is probably the biggest thing between rapper and popstar, as it's not always easy for hiphop artists to exactly engage audiences in live stage shows, but he somehow does it and relishes the environment. That's among other things is a reason behind his meteoric rise even with a relatively small back catalogue of 'hits'. Actually a lot of his prior hits aren't usually the gems of his work to my mind, but rather the supplement :eek:h:

Also thanks to those who did vote for it, will send much more interesting stuff from him in the future, maybe even soonish, though I can't say it'll float everyone's boat, but that's ok as long as I get some people going sicko mode.

Wow, Matmagix, I didn't know you were such a big Travis Scott fan? :eek:

I don't want to be rude, but my main issue with Travis Scott is that he doesn't seem to have a signature sound. 90210 sounds like something Kanye West could have done 10 (!) years ago. The tracks generally sound alright, but nothing in them screams "Travis Scott". He has drowned himself in the hodgepodge of random invitees on his album.

People like Rae Sremmurd, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert, Skepta, and even Migos have all managed to "establish" their voice and are all much more interesting (in my shallow opinion).
That's completely fine, and it is one of the biggest criticisms of his music is that often he sits by out of the spotlight while letting others do the pulling but unlike DJ Khaled, he's actually making things happen behind the scenes. This album in particular was particularly filled with features that perhaps some of what defines him is lost in the process. If I were to be completely honest, the best tracks (or parts) on the album generally conveyed more Scott than the ones that didn't, in general (Stargazing, No Bystanders, Coffee Bean, his verse on Sicko Mode, and even Houstonfornication was alright). But he always had a creative push I felt, and is very natural at working with others and making them shine with him. If it was the case of the features being the better part, then it wouldn't work coherently as he wouldn't be able to pull it off across so many different artists and projects. And the comparisons with Kanye, not sure he can help some of that, after all his career was launched because of Kanye. Perhaps one could say he is this generation's Kanye who really pioneered some new directions for trap hiphop. But there are parts where he diverges a bit. The rage element though to me was all his own stuff, and I think he beats (no pun intend) most of his peers when it comes to production in general.

This video below kinda expresses the same sentiment I have towards his music. I play it to get for lack of a better word, high. I sink into his world and immerse in it when I need to escape from reality. I also think I always liked how he almost had to prove himself against the odds. The game is just a little older than myself and he's played the game pretty darn well all considered, and he doesn't come off as obnoxious either compared to Kanye, he just seems so down to earth and likeable. He even stands up for a couple of unruly fans live and gives them a second chance to stay when they should be kicked out in some of his concerts by the security guards.

So although I'm not sure it's easy to describe him with a signature sound, he does have some remarkable depth of insight and complexity to make up for it. The combination of production, mood setting, rage, and of course those high autotune ad-libs he pops into his songs (yeah! it's lit, pop it!) makes him unique imo, even if the sound alone may not be immediately distinctive to those who aren't entirely familiar with his work. The question is whether he would trade iconicness for musical output and creativity. What I mean is that iconic can sometimes work against you if your music doesn't transition well over time and adapt to your audience. Travis is probably trading off immediate outcomes of success for something that builds up over time. I discussed this with Adam previously. He felt that Travis was getting a lot of promotion for shows despite not being prolific. He's now the closest thing to a rap popstar and takes live performances to the next level which isn't easy for hiphop artists. The timing is probably helpful, as hiphop is taking over the mainstream charts even above and beyond the standard pop, but I still think his energy in shows can't be rivalled easily, not even by Migos or Nicki.

This crowd :lol: and it wasn't even his own tour, he was filling in for Childish Gambino.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what Travis Scott is but at the same time it's not easy to say anyone who could do things the Travis Scott way, not even Kanye. His musical evolution and versatility, in my opinion, is what will make him stand out when other artists will probably run out of ideas. Listen to Culture II or Quavo's new album for instance. Distinctiveness can't be a substitute for solid musical ideas, direction and writing. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite fond of the Migos but I'm worried they won't be able to get anything that matches the genius of Culture. Of course his career is short relatively speaking but you can already tell differences in writing styles that tell him apart from Migos, Post Malone and other mainstream hiphop artists. Travis Scott's music may grow old in time but not yet. I reckon he can still hold a handle by himself even if he eliminated many of his feature artists because as he says in his own words "who put this shit together? I'm the glue". To sum up, all the other rappers definitely have better sheer skills, singin ability and hooks compared to Travis. But Travis never want to be defined as a rapper but as a musician, and entertainer, which is more complex, and that works just fine with me.

And if he does win Grammys, I wrote it here first! :armed:

On the appeal and success of Astroworld (my thoughts) - "it is an awesome collection of songs that show insight and willingness to expand boundaries with many textures, moods, melodies and themes. I listened to the whole album today on my way to uni (and played it before probably 20 times if not more already) and it felt so clean and with vision, even the parts that felt a little blurry at first. Subtle details of each song really stand out. More than that it didn't feel like a standard trap hiphop album, which is probably the best thing about the album. You could set it anywhere and not really think about pigeonholing a genre. It also explains why he can work with so many different artists, even those outside of hiphop and still come up with good stuff. All in all, Travis simply does art and entertainment. I don't think Travis Scott himself knows how good it is as a whole. First, many warm congratulations to him on a remarkable achievement for Sicko Mode and no.1 Astroworld, a long time coming. Regardless of whether he gets the Grammys, he wins my fav album of the year (of any genre) by a long shot."

Amazingly the album just keeps growing on me and some songs I wasn't into at first start to become great (R.I.P. SCREW probably took a longer time for me to appreciate for one)

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@Matmagix There were a few games I strongly considered sending Forest Swords - The Highest Flood/Panic this past year but similarly as you mention, it doesn't fare as it deserves in this game with the current people. I suppose it's one of those types of music that will only appeal to people who already like it (given the people who ended up voting for it to begin with) :shrug:

Also with Travis Scott, I listened to ASTROWORLD again yesterday after your post about SICKO MODE making No. 1 and SKELETONS definitely works better as part of the album rather than a standalone song - it's a solid song but not his best performance. You're definitely better off going all out with your next Travis Scott entries which showcase Travis Scott rather than his collaborators. You've fared better with your riskier rap entries. I'm also very surprised he didn't get as many Grammy nominations as I originally anticipated. I thought he was a shoe-in for Album of the Year at the very least.

I'm still trying to get work to assign me one of Travis Scott's sets in Europe so I can finally see him (assuming he doesn't play Australia)

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@Matmagix There were a few games I strongly considered sending Forest Swords - The Highest Flood/Panic this past year but similarly as you mention, it doesn't fare as it deserves in this game with the current people. I suppose it's one of those types of music that will only appeal to people who already like it (given the people who ended up voting for it to begin with) :shrug:

Also with Travis Scott, I listened to ASTROWORLD again yesterday after your post about SICKO MODE making No. 1 and SKELETONS definitely works better as part of the album rather than a standalone song - it's a solid song but not his best performance. You're definitely better off going all out with your next Travis Scott entries which showcase Travis Scott rather than his collaborators. You've fared better with your riskier rap entries. I'm also very surprised he didn't get as many Grammy nominations as I originally anticipated. I thought he was a shoe-in for Album of the Year at the very least.

I'm still trying to get work to assign me one of Travis Scott's sets in Europe so I can finally see him (assuming he doesn't play Australia)
Will keep that in mind. There are 3 songs from Astroworld I wouldn't mind sending as main pieces and I've already frothed over them to death. Of course there is still Rodeo. If I do send 90210 I am almost prepared to see it collapse. :tears: I might go on a Travis binge in these games wherever I can like QV Madonna binge as I'm not completely inspired much more with my options these days.

And do get any chance to see him live. Grammys almost always underrate him as an artist and performer. Their loss. I'm laughing that Post Malone gets a AOY nom instead. Personally, I do think there is some prejudice involved.

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The more music you know, the less relevant the Grammys become.
The Grammys are entirely meaningless nowadays. I don't think many people care about them for anything.

But it's more for Travis Scott because for some reason, he really wanted Grammy recognition. He said he was irritated his last two albums were not recognised and one of the main focuses of ASTROWORLD was to have it appeal to Grammy voters so that it could be nominated. It's a waste of time and effort because the voters are/were always gonna reward the whitest most commercial rapper every time.

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What is meant by "rage" in the context of Travis Scott? An expression of extreme anger?
That's Eminem or Hopsin :eek:h:

Rage is just a fancy expression to mean he pumps people up into a frenzy or fever. More evident live where he almost throws the kitchen sink and all into his performances which isn't always there in other hip hop acts. His live version of Stargazing (should be in one of the posts above) is much more fueled than the single. Songs like Goosebumps, Antidote, No Bystanders also fit. It's a bit crass sometimes on delivery and I've learned to appreciate it for the energy and mood more so than the actual rapping which doesn't always translate well live. This is why I have trouble stomaching live hip hop sometimes because it often sounds very forced. Travis might not always bring strong vocals here does makes do with good sets and hyper energy and uses the crowd; you couldn't fault him for not trying.

I concur with @Adam he feels as a mainstream artist he must prove a point and does feel underappreciated by the media and hip hop and broader music community. In 90210 he flips a line about the Grammys (smiling being there as the youngest rapper outta Houston while they laugh at him).

Nevertheless the format is ill suited to really highlighting artists of merit but he has the charts and pretty heavy sales and a good tour lined up. As far as he's concerned it's all good. He won't stop just for the Grammys even if they snub him. The last lines of 90210 work here.

"Hardcore, I swear they counting on me
Gold chains, gold rings, I got an island on me
Houses on me, he got them ounces on him
Holy father, come save these niggas, I'm styling on 'em
Good lord, I see my good fortune in all these horses
I'm driving too fast to stop, so all these signs, I ignore them
Just everything is in order
My mind's big as a boulder so now niggas support a nigga

He's got everything now, no Grammy will stop him.

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I need to catch up on this thread :lol:
The Grammys are entirely meaningless nowadays. I don't think many people care about them for anything.

But it's more for Travis Scott because for some reason, he really wanted Grammy recognition. He said he was irritated his last two albums were not recognised and one of the main focuses of ASTROWORLD was to have it appeal to Grammy voters so that it could be nominated. It's a waste of time and effort because the voters are/were always gonna reward the whitest most commercial rapper every time.
Cardi B won rap album of the year.

:secret: I almost thought it was a 'feminist' thing and her being a fresh face on the scene. Not to say her album wasn't great but RAOY? :scratch: How much writing credit did she have? Good for her I guess.

Childish Gambino winning Record of the year was a surprise too. :eek:

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Game 249 - Generation X

The Servant - Cells

This was really a send going back to the early 00s (of which most Gen X artists are covered). I was disappointed by how it fared (t didn't make finals) and certain comments about it being an emo song (it's not). Anyhow what dragged me into the song was the dark and clammy vibes perfect for storytelling. It is a bit indulgent in some areas sonically, especially the chorus (but also quite an earworm) but the tension builds up well with the thumping bass, distortions from the guitar, and strings almost presenting an environment in which something is not quite right. Dan Black does a great job with his vocal acrobatics to match. It's almost like he is trying to release some nervous tension while having manic episodes. The lyrical content of the song was also a highlight, as I said - storytelling, and quite poetic at that. Trapped in the mundane-ness of life eating away at you, being part of the same crowd every day, under the same boss, but one has to go through that to survive. The song instrumental was used in the move Sin City, and it fits well with the feel of that film. I will probably send more from them in the future as that particular album has great pop value with quite a mix of themes and vibe, but I hope they will do better. Thanks to Silent Bird, Leif and Tennisfan102 for double digits.

On the city's skin they move on mass
Like a rash on the back of a manky cat
Now in I go like a fool
I can't resist dipping in the pool
I watch them watch me, I watch them too
Across the street, across the room
I dress myself like a charcoal sketch
My eyes are brown and my hair's a mess
They annoy me those who employ me
They could destroy me, they should enjoy me
We eat Chinese off our knees
And look for each other in the TV screen
The sun goes up and the sun goes down
I drag myself into the town
All I do I wanna to do with you
Everyday I'm at my desk
At my desk I'm like the rest
All I do I wanna to do with you

Game 250 - Open

Planet Funk - Chase the Sun

I needed something a bit lighter. This one's from the early 00s again and reminds me of some better days of electronic pop. It does feel quite refreshing for sure to sway gently to and they picked an excellent, almost ethereal vocal to match the airy 'sunshine' setting. I placed 11 in the 24 song final so quite happy the result though I knew it wouldn't be to everyone's tastes. When I first heard it, I immediately took to the progression, the song has a very solid way of building up without feeling too repetitive.

I'm flying away
Running like the wind
As I chase the sun
Up spinning around
Circles in my mind
Sailing over ground
I'm flying away
Running like the wind
As I chase the sun
Up spinning around
Circles in my mind
Sailing over ground

Game 251 - Previously Nominated

Sweet Trip - Air Supply

Resident_bizarre previously sent a song by them ages ago. Sweet Trip do indie electronica. I like the way this song builds up with a memorable combination of bass and synth, definitely rich melodically. I found it weird though that so many commented the female vocal was annoying. This is literally the kind of thing BSG players are into, or so I thought. They can take Sufjan Stevens and Björk of course. Sure there's a bit of augmentation but really, I find it hard to see it being that offensive . I finished up 14th (forgot to vote), with 4th in the first semi so wasn't too bad but could have fared better.

Don't you make me smile if you don't intend to
Only make me try if you can pretend to
Well here is my mission, my reason, my statement
My complaint
Hardly pushed your luck, focused on intention
Don't you think I lied when you said you meant it
Open up the blinds more and go to the window
Run Away
You and I (keep with me life, pretend to)
You and I (keep with me love, I'll recover)
You and I (we have seduced each other)
You and I (and many lives sought to fought us)
You and I (except for it'd never recover)
You and I (and then we're clawing at each other's air supply)

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I need to catch up on this thread :lol:

Cardi B won rap album of the year.

:secret: I almost thought it was a 'feminist' thing and her being a fresh face on the scene. Not to say her album wasn't great but RAOY? :scratch: How much writing credit did she have? Good for her I guess.

Childish Gambino winning Record of the year was a surprise too. :eek:
Cardi and Travis both deserved it from the mainstream artists nominated so I'm not disappointed by the choice. I marginally preferred Cardi B's album and it still holds up so I don't feel like it was an act of tokenism. Travis was always gonna be a long shot given how he was shut out everywhere else and how critically acclaimed Cardi B's album was on Year End lists.

Even though the Grammys have zero meaning, it's telling how many artists refused to show up or refused to perform.

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Game 252 - Remixes

Nightmares on Wax - Riders on the Storm (remix of The Doors)

Nightmares on Wax did a lot of nice downtempo music in the 90s and early 00s, and this remix of Riders on the Storm is rather trance-inducing and ambient. You hear whispers of "Riders on the Storm" in the background with rain as this heats up. The synth aspects were fun. Sadly, I really think this song fell over people's heads who didn't really appreciate the atmosphere of this remix and enjoy the near 9 minute trip.

Game 254 - Secret Santa

Thundercat - Friendzone

I got friendzoned in this game :eek:h: We had to pick a song for someone else to receive as a Christmas gift. I had to choose something for Artur, and thought he might enjoy this very quirky, maniacal delivery and production of Thundercat. It does sound like every kid's dream, throwing in pop culture references (and Diablo :eek:h:) and has some moments of comedy as well. I came 9th in the SF and 11th in final even though I forgot to vote. I had 12s from Leif, Adam and Random Run, and Artur gave me 4 pts so I didn't fail too badly.

Game 255 - All That Jazz

Mammal Hands - Hourglass

This was a jazz theme and I went for some mystical/ambient jazz. There is a repetitive gentle running piano and a nice saxophone solo, and some African tribal drums. The pace really does pick up as the song progresses, and it's just electrifyingly spiritual. I was a bit disappointed in falling to 13th place in the finals (it was 4th in SF) but there were a few players who really enjoyed it (The Crow, Mauriac, SilverPersian and Leif gave double digit pts). Perhaps it would have fared better in a standalone edition.


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I haven't updated in a while, have to catch up

Game 256 - 2018

Travis Scott - SICKO MODE

This song finally managed to claim for Travis a debut no.1 Billboard single (along with a no.1 album for Astroworld), but incidentally this occurred 4 months after the release in August, thus it was a concerted selling effort (and I imagine they got some help out from Skrillex doing an edit). SICKO MODE is a good demonstration of Travis Scott's love of beats. Everything seems quite accentuated here and you really do feel like ramping up the volume and bopping your head along to, especially towards the end. The song is unusual in that in runs in three distinct parts, with a short but blaring intro grabbing the senses like a loudhailer (Drake), which transitions then into a slower rhythmic phase (Scott) with bassy drum kicking in every second beat, before action picks up pace once again in the third phase (Drake followed by Scott) with staccato rap delivery. A good rollercoaster ride to go to when you need energy. Thanks to Adam and Proudserb in particular for support.

Sun is down, freezin' cold
That's how we already know winter's here
My dawg would prolly do it for a Louis belt
That's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else
I tried to show 'em, yeah
I tried to show 'em, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Gone on you with the pick and roll
Young LaFlame, he in sicko mode

Game 257 - Names of Places

10cc - Wall Street Shuffle

I won't say much but got a bit lazy. Nevertheless disappointed I couldn't make the final. I had sent 10cc twice before but using more strung out songs (6-7 minutes). This time I went with something more straight pop-rock, with a very bouncy bassline and an impassioned Eric Stewart on lead, but still clever but the result was the same - failed to make the final, which is a shame because the band is really good. It seems like 70s stuff is too old school for BSG and this game had a lot of familiar acts which didn't help. But really, this track is an example of good music you can make with a slightly off wing topic. In this case, a song about Wall Street in America.

You've gotta be cool on Wall Street
When your index is low
Dow Jones ain't got time for the bums
They wind up on skid row with holes in their pockets
They plead with you, buddy can you spare the dime
But you ain't got the time
Doin' the
Doin' the

Game 258 - Songs on Ice

S. Umebayashi – Seimei

I wasn't really intending to play but I found an interesting oriental orchestral song (starting with that luscious piercing flute) that has some nice segments within, danced to by Japanese Olympic medallist Yuzuru Hanyu. The tone of the song changes thoughout the 5 minutes and there is a section midway which is so tranquil it made me a little teary. The song then ramps up for a sweet finish with nothing holding back. This was a direct final and I can comfortably say the song really didn't get the love it should have deserved with only 5 voters contributing. This is a kind of song you'd feature in movie cinematics with clear action. The song is supposed to be set relating to a sorceror casting a spell. More disappointingly, the classical crew did not give me anything. TF102 gave me a 12 for solace.


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Game 260 - Open

Cool Company - Habit (Blood Cultures Remix)

This was one of the nicer songs I have sent in a while. It is smoothly sentimental (has that retro record feel), and I really enjoyed the way Blood Cultures spun this into a cool remix (vocally also impressive, almost sounding shrill and desperate from a young teenage girl pondering about love). The melodic framework around the song is also catchy and pretty, especially the flowery and punchy synths. A good mix of electronic, elements of shoegaze with rnb. A song to enjoy the lighter moments in life and reflect. As expected it was underappreciated, finishing 18th in the final. Thanks Leif and aerosmash for double digits.

Now you on my mind like all the time my god I cannot catch a break
Got me hooked and then you booked
I doubt I even got to read a page

Honestly I'd probably go repeat
The same the same mistake
Worth the loss the hurt you cause is better off fresh up on my brain

Game 261 - WTA Singapore 2014

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Kiss the Sky

The theme was WTA Singapore 2014, and the idea was to find a song that reminded of the 2014 Singapore finals, where the players were seated together but not really interacting, just eyeing their phones. Incidentally I had considered sending the Cool Company song for this one but opted for this instead. I thought this would be perfect as the song takes about disharmony and trying to recreate it again. The throwback feel is probably my favourite part about the song. It really feels like something from a 60s motion picture. But only put together in 2009. Nino Moschella was invited to contributed the deep 'preachy' vocals of this song. It was featured in Tales of the Borderlands. My only disappointment was this epic song somehow failed to make the podium. :shrug:

I hold my head up just enough to see the sky
And when we go we won't go slow, we'll put up such a fight
When they fade into the dust and into ash
But all the children know for sure this pain will surely pass
Strong and wise and you are love
And when the tide it comes you will float above
And you will be one day exactly what you are
Just keep your head held high, kiss your fist and touch the sky

Too late to keep the world from dying
It's not too late to spread the love you have
One day when we are ready for crying
One day I know that we'll be there, little girl

Game 262 - F***, Marry, Kill

Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (Travis Scott and Quavo) - Huncho Jack

Play play play again?...Not that I cared much of the result. :eek:h:

This was one of the collab tracks they did before Scott released Astroworld. While it wasn't the greatest album (compared to their individual original contributions prior), there were some interesting moments where you kind of see the best of both players, though not necessarily at the same time. This song caught my eye largely because of the atmosphere, interplay between the two (smart 4 line by 4 line switches between the two), and the regular well placed interjecting ad-libs, particularly the autotune yelped "yeah" and "it's lit". The song itself is a very simple rhythmic structure but that kinda helps the flow. The song has an interesting aura of feeling subdued yet wanting to take off, a common factor in many of Travis Scott's productions (the hazy yet vibrant night hour). It does on a few occasions, such as midway through (5am looking like noon, took her right out of saloon...), but the second half that pushes to the climax of the end (those oscillating synths) is particularly very satisfying. The autotune may annoy some but I tend to think Scott makes it work well. This didn't really pick off among players but I got 12 points from N.M. so I did something right. Also thanks to bud887!

Huncho, flood my AP
Make these hoes wanna take me (take me)
The gun off safety (safety)
Shoot a fuck nigga like KD, yeah (bow)
She hit brazy, yeah (brazy)
Made my left eye lazy, yeah
Goin' up lately, yeah
Dock in the back Old Navy, yeah (alright!)
We gonna get it in (get it)
My trap house look innocent (innocent)
Private residence (private)
Leavin' no evidence (evidence, yeah, yeah)
Codeine, it's medicine, yeah
Somethin' is evident, yeah
They tease the hell with it, yeah
What's next, ain't no tellin' it (ye)
Closet filled in designer (designer)
Take a knee like the 'Niners (Kaepernick)
Join the team, don't divide us (join them)
Then watch your money go higher
Yeah, lil' help, lil' guidance (yah)
Run it back, do the title (yah)
Get the sack, move in silence (yeah!)
Bring that trophy back to my place

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Been so busy I haven't updated in about 30 games. Will slowly be doing that.

Game 264 - Weather

Danny Brown - When It Rain

I was on a bit of a Danny Brown roll at the time. This was the best entry of the lot scoring a 3rd place in the final (even leading someway through the ceremony). Not everybody's cup of tea of course with its high octane rapid fire delivery. Unlike "Dip" (about ecstasy) and "Express Yourself" (Sexual fantasy), "When It Rain" is a bit more politically motivated and is about the danger that Danny would have faced himself while living in Detroit where guns can spray at any tick of the clock (a prominent high-tempo metronomic sound in the track). The music therefore is rather frantic and booming, with a hammer like effect and Danny's vocals which are already "high" are punching for manic shock value, with very little room to breathe. Great video too.

Time for the percolator
Murder music orchestrator
Point blank hollow tip circulator
Your ass lucky if you on respirator
I'm like Vega rolling with that blade
Kid don't play, wanna catch that fade?
Shoot the house party up with them K's
Shut down when we hit the DJ
That Detroit shit, do the Rambisco
Minks and Gators, pistol the disco
Eating crawfish up in Fishbones
Heater off safety, watching the Pistons
Niggas get pissed on no-fly zone
Call Uncle Trick when you hit my home
Beef with him? Don't hit my phone
D vs. everybody, ain't no song
Coming from the city where them goons be lurking
Get caught slipping, yo ass will be hurting
That's for certain, yo ass be curtains
Young niggas out there puttin' that work in
On you scoring for a pair of Jordans
Whole damn city probably got a couple warrants
Why the county jail always stay crowded
They don't give a fuck, they just go POP

Game 265 - Cartoons

Akira Senju - Lapis Philosophorum (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Admittedly I had not actually watched this particular series but I heard part of the soundtrack and this one resonated well with me. The track itself is very simple, based largely on heavy work done by the choir threading scales. In hindsight I should probably have used the slightly more solemn counterpart (Sorrowful Stone) captured by tense strings. I finished 2nd anyhow so I cannot complain.

Game 266 - BSG Namesakes

Randy Crawford - Streetlife

Well I would finish top 3 for the third straight game (and also fail to win any of those and I would be 2nd if Dropshotace's pts counted). This one was to pick a song with a singer named after a BSG participant. I chose Randy for this and Streetlife is a nice disco track (actually written by the Crusaders). As the name suggests it is like a fanfare for bustling street life during the night and it really announces itself with bright blaring trumpets and a very delicious confident vocal from Randy, ready to party. I like the contrast between the gentler sections of the song and the climax. This isn't one of her best known tracks ("Someday I'll Fly Away" and "You Might Need Somebody") but it is fun.

I play the streetlife because there's no place I can go
Streetlife, it's the only life I know
Streetlife and there's a thousand parts to play
Streetlife until you play your life away, ooh
Streetlife, streetlife, streetlife, streetlife

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Game 267 - Harmonica Showdown

Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls - Dumb Things

A classic Australian country rock song with some blues. I was a little surprised it did so well actually, because this is a comic relief type of song you hear at gigs just to make the crowd go a little wild, but everyone can relate to this song in some way in which we can do some very dumb things without thinking about it, some moreso than others. I guess this was the right theme for it after all.

And I get all your good advice
It doesn't stop me from going through these things twice
I see the knives out, I turn my back
I hear the train coming, I stay right on that track
In the middle, in the middle, in the middle of a dream
I lost my shirt, I pawned my rings
I've done all the dumb things
I melted wax to fix my wings
I've done all the dumb things
I threw my hat into the ring
I've done all the dumb things
I thought that I just had to sing
I've done all the dumb things

Game 268 - Slavic Artists

Anna Jurksztowicz - Hej Man!

Polish 80s disco. I would finish 2nd but MILEs behind TIEFSEE (>130 pts to my 85). I quite liked it for its melodic elements. A bit of a slow warming track but it does get to sparkle as it goes. I can understand why someone like Perun might not have found it to his taste. It is a little "poppily produced". Still I would say it would do very well if it had been performed for Eurovision, say. My take on it is a rather romantic and stylish track but that's me.

Game 270 - Gone But Not Forgotten

Ernst Dohnanyi - Rhapsody No. 3 In C Major, op. 11

Well after a couple of highs, I had to come down. This finished 20th which was real blow because I had thought classical was starting to get some good rap. Dohnanyi is quite a fun piece in that there are many contrasts and even dissonances that come into play, and being a rhapsody is about colourful storytelling. The ending a case in point, which almost seems as if the pianist forgot what they were doing and the piece was supposed to end (abruptly!) Many pianists have described this track to almost be comedic in the sense that there are seemingly incongruous notes and exaggerated effects. In particular the piece interpolates between elegant spirals and brute-force pounding, as if a mouse and an elephant were playing a games of tips. As one described on the youtube comments under the video, "a mix of the sublime and ridiculous". Needless to say treble and bass are utilised very effectively to build the contrast. The middle portion of the song is particularly breathtaking as there are some ridiculous seamless runs. Altogether a very sophisticated piece set in a short timeframe of 5 minutes but its charm and intent missed by BSG. Interesting is that every different pianist who tries this piece tends to have a different interpretation. This interpretation I picked comes from Annie Fischer, a Hungarian pianist who no doubt understood the mindset of her mentor. Goes to show how much of piano playing can go down to the artist's impression and what they see from the piece.

Lang Lang's short exposition of the piece during a piano masterclass was quite nice and he identifies the humour of the piece


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Game 272 - Scandalous

Anal C*nt - I'm Not That Kind of Boy

I had a slightly different interpretation of the theme. Rather than the artist being scandalous by nature of actions they did in public, they are scandalous by nature of what they represent. In this case they have a censorable item to their name (shortened to AxCx) and their songs are typically grindcore tracks with scandalous sounding names (like "Hitler was a sensitive man", "XYZ is gay") and a hell of a lot of nonsensical screaming.

Even more scandalous is these guys, spearheaded by Seth Putnam decided to make an album that is the antithesis of what they typically are about. This album features next to no grindcore screaming (well almost, wait till the very end...) and is delivered is a lovey-dovey high pitched (falsetto vocal) that would turn most darling heads. Obnoxiously sweet perhaps, and really puts singer songwriters to shame with the degree of devotion that comes out of each track (feminist, save the environment and no sex and touchy feely before marriage among cornerstones). In this particular track, a girl tries to nab a boy at a flower stand but the boy is offended at how brazen she is and declares using his best Elmo impression "you may see my heart as a toy, but sorry I'm not that kind of boy".

And the penultimate track of the album about lost love (not for the faint of heart)

I was selling flowers by the side of the road
And you came to the flower stand
I was telling you about pansies and roses
But you tried to grab my hand
I'm flattered, but it's my choice
Sorry, I'm not that kind of boy
You may see a heart as a toy
Sorry, I'm not that kind of boy

Game 273 - UK's Best

The Servant - Orchestra

I was a bit disappointed by my first send of The Servant, a 2000s indie rock band. I tried again with Orchestra which is a moody pop piece. It finished 11th in the final which was an improvement at least. It's a little hard to gauge what Dan Black is really singing about (voices in his head? in the devil's key). Either way you see the creativity of it all. An instrument channeling emotion. Like some of the other songs in the album, it is like dark chocolate, being rich in flavour, sweet in some ways but also having a rough mysterious edge and this is quality I quite admired about indie rock during that period of time (and to some extent derivative genres of nu metal), which has sadly been lost in the past decade. I also feel this is quite a strong characteristic about UK music, that sense of hopeful under some covers. The diction in the piece is what I liked best and complements the atmosphere well.

Here I am
A young man
You can roll me in your hand
Throw me up high into the air
I wandered on
Ripped and torn
A samurai in a storm
Over the sand into the glare
Because there's an orchestra in me
Playing endlessly
I even hear it now
They play in the devil's key
An endless symphony
I even hear it now
And I listen to the music
Beautiful music
Yes I listen to the music
Beautiful music

Game 274 - Post Punk

The Durutti Column - Silence

Perhaps a little different from other tracks (Post punk doesn't need to be necessarily "heavy"), I had yet to have sent a Vini Reilly (TDC) track and couldn't help but deliver this lush but mysterious track. At a little over 7 minutes in length it may have been difficult for some to digest, and the intro itself is protracted (verse doesn't pop in till almost 2 minutes have passed) and feels like wandering through a peaceful rainforest to find a central lagoon. I feel this is one their best, moody strings, rich horns, and appropriated weighted drums. Beautiful but also rather sad.

There's a silence follows you everywhere
Your love is fading, you don't seem to care
You're smiling for the cameras, they know your smile is fake
You've hurt so many people but you lose more than you take
You don't say what you mean, you don't mean what you say

You said you'd always be waiting to hold on to me
I gave my weary body over to you
I thought by your silence your love would grow
But I've heard your broken words and the distance they show
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