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Mary & Nadia Seeded 10th in Doubles!

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I've just seen the Doubles draw. Mary and Nadia Petrova are seeded 10th, and the first two rounds look formalities. However in the Last 16 they're seeded to meet Bovina and - Rennae Stubbs, Mary's 'other' partner!
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Mary/Nadia have good draw..They will go far!!
Mary and Nadia are very strong in doubles ... but Rennae and Mary is the best team ! It's so sad they don't play together ...
But with Petrova, Mary has a luck to go to 1/4, and why not to win this tournament ?! :bounce:
I agree that Mary/Rennae would have been better, but I think that Mary/Nadia could go very far. Good luck to them both! :D
:) I agree with you guys. :)
It's a pitty that Mary isn't playing with Rennae, but what can you do ??
:bounce: Let's wish them luck :bounce:
Yes, it's a pitty that Mary isn't playing with Rennae... but Nadia Petrova is good partner for Mary. They attained final in Rosmalen and SF in Toronto. Good luck against Ting Li/Tian Tian Sun !!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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