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Sunday January 27, 03:07 PM

Martina Hingis...why tennis wouldn't be the same

When you think of Martina Hingis, you think champion, tennis legend, number 1 in the world. When you think of tennis, you think of Martina Hingis.....
Martina Hingis is a 5 time grand slam singles winner and a winner of 39 singles titles. She seems like a veteran of tennis, when infact she is the youngest player in the top 4! Women's tennis has accellerated over the past few years, a lot of the acceleration is due to Hingis, who dominated the WTA tour from 1997 through to 1999 and still today has only just lost the number 1 ranking and will without a doubt regain it.

Although Hingis hasn't won a Grand Slam title since the Australian Open 1999, she has been a finalist in 12 Grand Slams and just recently reached her sixth consecutive Australian Open Final.

Now in 2002, Hingis looks better than ever - hitting the ball with more power and precision and is finally happy in her personal life - which was a huge downfall in her game in 2001.

An exploitation of Hingis' failures have hurt her media wise and personally. Everyone seems to focus on the negative points of her career, every champion has negative points, but everyone seems to forget all the incredible positives. With many titles to her name - youngest n umber 1 ever, youngest player ever to win a Grand Slam in the Open Era, 4th in number of weeks spent at number 1, Hingis still has the fire in her belly and the passion for tennis.

Alot of the players on the WTA have forgotten the passion, Hingis being the expception. She loves tennis, and the tennis world love Hingis. Having asked many people who they thought of when I said the word "tennis", 9/10 of the times they said Martina Hingis. She has had such an impact on the tennis world, and still to this day and beyond continues to weave her magic on the court.

Tennis would suffer if they didn't have Hingis, who would be the consistent star to appear at and win many tournaments a year? Who would be the genius of tennis history? Who would be so passionate about the sport and support it 100%? The answer is, no one could, not up to Hingis' standard anyway.

So as we look forward to yet another successful season on the tour in 2002, Tennis should thank their lucky stars they have such an incredible talent on their WTA tour in Martina Hingis

Best article EVER

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