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It's quite a fun read! I especially like the way that Martina tried to get the interviewer to stop asking Anna questions about the singles final. She clearly wanted them to be considered as a doubles team rather than two singles players.



Q. Ladies, first of all, congratulations.


Q. Second, in the second set you guys were up 5-4; you had a chance
to put it away. Unfortunately, you ended up losing a tough tiebreaker.
When you came out in the third set you looked very confident. You
guys looked very focused and you were going to come back in the third
set and wrap it up.

MS HINGIS: What was the question?

MS KOURNIKOVA: What is the question, exactly?

Q. That you guys came out really pumped; and did you ever doubt
after you lost the second set that you could have come back in the
third and take it?

MS HINGIS: I think, in general, we - I mean, we looked like we were
the better team all the time; it's just that unfortunately - - -

MS KOURNIKOVA: We did get broken in the first game.

MARTINA HINGIS: And throughout the whole match we were always up,
and up and winning, and we just couldn't close it out. But, you know, we
had three breaks and we didn't make anything of it so - especially me,
closing it out. I think it was a tough task. But I think even in the third
set we still believe like, you know, once we get on a roll again, and
especially breaking it back to make it even again, that was a key, after
that it was just going all the way.

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: And Arantxa, she is the kind of player, she's
obviously very experienced so, you know, in the second set she just, I
guess, tried to hang in there and made us play, and it worked.

Q. Martina, does this help your confidence for tomorrow's Final?

MARTINA HINGIS: For sure. I mean, I wouldn't want to, you know, go
out there with losing today's match, especially, you know, like what
happened, like losing the second set. Like, no way. And also getting
through the match yesterday, Singles and Doubles. I think I'll see only
yellow after this tournament - so many matches, so much play. But I
think I'm - you know, tomorrow, I always want.

MS KOURNIKOVA: It was great.

MS HINGIS: I always won up there. I had won the Doubles, first, so it's
a positive energy.

Q. It was so hot out there today. Is it a nice advantage, in some ways,
to play in those conditions before tomorrow?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, you normally wouldn't want to waste any
energy, nothing extra. But it's always nice, you know. It's another
Grand Slam Doubles title, with Anna. We've only played three, and win
two out of them; plus the Championships at the end of the year. But
yeah, it's just kind of weird that we - you know, either she was hurt, or
I didn't play, or something happened. So hopefully, this year,
everything works out and we just continue the way we did.

Q. You won here in 1999. That's a good omen because you went on to
win the Final that year as well?

MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah. It gives me confidence, extra.

Q. Will you stay play together, the whole year?

MARTINA HINGIS: Definitely, we try. You know, if we both stay healthy.

Q. Anna, you know Martina very well. How good is the chance for
Martina in the Singles Final tomorrow?

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Great chance, as always. You know, like, I think
she has a perfect record here- you know, the three years that she won
Doubles and she went on to win the Singles, and I think she's got a
great chance obviously. What else can I say?

Q. That's okay.


Q. Anna can you expand a little more on Martina's game? Is there
things you picked up - - -

MARTINA HINGIS: We are here for the Doubles; not for the Singles. I
mean, just don't talk about that. I mean, Anna is here; we are team,
so she doesn't have to answer these questions, I think.

Q. I'm just wondering if she picks up on anything, playing with you,
that she might not - just more appreciation playing with her than - - -

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Obviously, Martina is one of the greatest players
ever, you know. She has been No. 1, and the way, her game; and just,
even now, the ranking. I that think she's, you know, a top player. And
obviously I do learn a lot from her and just, she's a great champion
and it's just really great and nice that we get along so well and that we
make such a good team, you know, and that's it. I just have lots of
respect for her?

Q. Anna, this whole tournament you had problems with the foot, and
everything like that; are you pretty sure it's okay now? Will you play
normal schedule from now on?

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Hopefully. You never know. It can always come
back, and everything. Right now I feel pretty good. Hopefully, it will
stay that way, you know, and just have to continue doing the things
that I've been doing to keep it healthy, and that's it?

Q. Question for either: who would you rate Daniela's game and her
prospects? She had some pretty big shots today?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, definitely, I mean, she showed some touch out
there; sometimes was drop shots out of big shots. But I mean, still,
she needs a little experience, and she is definitely a prodigy. I mean,
she has a great future ahead of her, if she takes advantage of it. But,
I mean, sometimes it's just difficult to judge. She's at the beginning. I
mean, you, you still have to work it out. You know, she definitely has
the game now. It's what she makes of it.

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Yeah. I think she was a little bits more of a
Singles player, though, on the court today. She wasn't, you know - - -

MARTINA HINGIS: We played her for the first time.

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Yeah, she wasn't as good as Arantxa, in the
Doubles way.

Q. What should she have been doing, do you think?

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: Well, I mean - - -

MARTINA HINGIS: I mean, it's a secret. We use that again

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: That's just the experience of playing lots of
Doubles, you know. I mean, me and Martina have been playing
Doubles ever since we were Juniors; so that's just something you kind
of get the feel for if you play a lot, you know.

MARTINA HINGIS: She has the shots. It's just, sometimes it's the
positioning and the Doubles thinking. That's what she still has to learn.
But if they play together they are definitely a dangerous team, and she
can pick up a lot of things from Arantxa.

Q. Martina, Lindsay is not here because of this operation and stuff. Do
you or any of the other players - have you talked to her, or do you feel
badly that she's off the Tour now for maybe four or five months or

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I heard what has been happening; but I've
never really been in touch with Lindsay. Besides, the tournament is so
- - -

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: And it's a Grand Slam.

MARTINA HINGIS: So, you know, I'm trying to focus on myself. I mean,
when I was injured, I mean, it was only a few players who called me as
well at that time, and I really appreciate that and, you know, you
always remember. So you just got to sometimes - you know, tennis is,
you know, a single sort of game; so I think you've just got to find
those people who you love to be with, and I think it's - I know what she
has to go through at this point, so I'm sure it's very difficult. But she, if
she really wants it she knows how to fight her way back.

Q. Martina, if you hadn't play Doubles you may have hit for an hour or
so today I assume. Physically, how does it compare to play three sets
of Doubles versus an hour hitting session?

MARTINA HINGIS: Well, Doubles doesn't take as much out of you as a
Singles much. You don't run around as much. But you still try to focus
and make it happen. I mean, you still want to win when you go out
there, so there's still the competitive sense of winning. But, you know,
I always believed that we can do it, sort of - -


MS HINGIS: And I think - - -

ANNA KOURNIKOVA: I think it's better than practising.

MS HINGIS: So I love going out there, and with winning yesterday, and
I knew I only had one match today so I try to give it everything today,
and tomorrow is another day.

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They weren't particularly forgiving about Daniela, I was dissapointed about how easily they brushed her aside, and with each interviwer I dislike Anna slightly more.

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Thanks for the interview!They are so cute!:cool:

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There's not really anything else they could say about Daniela. They were honest. So many young people are gonna come up that they get asked about. And some of them will dissapear about as quickly. It's not like she's won something major. There's not too much they could go on yet. I mean, it WAS the first time they played her.

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awww they are so cute together lol :) they were even finishing each others sentences at points :eek: hehe.. and that was adorable and funny how marti was like "this isn't singles we're here for the dubs" hehe

way to go girls! :kiss:

good luck tonight martina :D

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Just a great interview and Martina saying about they were here for the doubles and nothing to do with singles was really good of her, it really put the interviewer in their place!!! :)

I'm really pleased to see that they plan on playing the entire year together in doubles as well, because this does nothing but good to both of their singles play. :)
The girls are just great together! :)

Thanks for the interview SK! :)

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Congrats to Martina and Anna for winning the doubles title. But I want to see them play the Williams sisters. That would be great.

I also didn't like how they brushed aside Daniela's play. I wonder if it had to do with Daniela's attention grabbing tennis dress. Martina and Anna aren't used to having attention taken away from them, and given to someone else. Someone younger, and alot taller than they are. And that someone is Daniela! So I think their cool comments towards Daniela are partly because Daniela showed them up in her Nike dress.

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I think what they said about Daniela was quite fair.

they both said that she was a good prospect or "prodigy" as Martina put it, but that it was too soon to tell whether or not she'd make it. And to say that she played more like a singles player than a doubles player is hardly harsh criticism!

Anna sounds a little bit more bitchy than Martina on this though.

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this is a perfectly fair reply to the question about daniela.

now i am a big daniela fan, but what else were they suppose to say.

martina has never played her in singles, anna has played her twice and beaten her pretty comprehensively.

anna was talking in a doubles sence only. and its true, she doesnt have the tactical awareness that both hingis and kournikova have for the doubles game. arantxa has it, but it does stand out that daniela is a singles player first, but she is learning fast!

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I really thought they said some nice things about Daniela.:)

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Anna got smacked by a smash that bounced into her face by Daniela. I think that just topped it off. Aaah, also something a little bit naughty that Daniela did. Later in the match, when Kournikova was serving on the ad side, Daniela would stand so close to the centre line, sometimes even with a foot on it... :)
It really threw Kournikova off that she served one into the net, a slow one though, more or less in the direction of Hantuchova.

Hehehe... ;)

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yup. you could stand in the service box where the ball is gonna be hit if you want and move out in the last possible second....however, if you do get hit, you lsoe the point...and get HIT!

the cat said:
I also didn't like how they brushed aside Daniela's play. I wonder if it had to do with Daniela's attention grabbing tennis dress. Martina and Anna aren't used to having attention taken away from them, and given to someone else. Someone younger, and alot taller than they are. And that someone is Daniela! So I think their cool comments towards Daniela are partly because Daniela showed them up in her Nike dress.
lol, you're kiddin right?

i didn't think they brushed aside daniela's play at all. they were asked what they thought of daniela's doubles play and they just said she could still improve. and anna was comparing daniela to arantxa...if someone told me i'd learn a lot more playing with someone like her, i wouldn't feel bad....

i thought hantuchova looked very cute in her black dress as well, but i don't think that had anything to do with the girls' comments...

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Nice interview :)
But I find it pretty annoying that they're finishing each others questions. I would find it anoying if someone did it with me!
Well said Martina about the singles questions! :)

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Oh marshmellow! LOL at me? Well, I was kidding. I guess you have learned to pick up on my sarcasm and sense of humour.

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Okay, did you hear the way Martina said that Anna shouldn't have to answer those sorts of questions?

She thought the interviewers were going to have a dig at her, maybe saying things like how she needed to pick up her singles game and win tournaments. So Martina came to Anna's defence. And then you can see when the guy's trying to make a save, turning it into a semi-compliment.

And also the fact that it was 2 out of 2 questions, directed at Anna, about Martina. And Martina felt that Anna should get more credit and recognition.

(at least, that what I get out of her tone.)

And I thought it was nice what they said about their opponents. They were really giving them the highest possible compliments.

And I think its so cute how they finish each others thoughts off. It show they know exactly what the other is thinking, and thats what makes them such a good pair.

And it was nice how they were joking around, talking to each other as well, like they're just chatting away.
"What was the question?" [giggle giggle] "What was the question exactly?"

And also how Martina was knocking herself, for not closing out the match.
"we had three breaks and we didn't make anything of it so - especially me, [raises her hand, a little ashamedly] closing it out."

Ah, these two girls are always so cute when they're together. So relaxed. Great interview, I thought.
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