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MarkNL's GS SPORCLE QUIZ: Name all 210 WTA Player 2012 French Open

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Hi Guys! :wavey:

As usual I made another Sporcle Quiz about the WTA players competing at the several Grand Slams we have in tennis.

So, I now finished up my French Open version, I hope you'll give it a try :) I tried to change the design a little bit, so the colour red
will be prominently present because of the clay :) I'll make one for upcoming Wimbledon as well before I go on holiday in 3 weeks :)

Have fun!

Mark ;)
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132 :cheer:

but some misses :facepalm: K.Bondarenko, Bratchikova and Peer :eek:
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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