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MarkNL's GS SPORCLE QUIZ: Name all 210 WTA Player 2012 French Open

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Hi Guys! :wavey:

As usual I made another Sporcle Quiz about the WTA players competing at the several Grand Slams we have in tennis.

So, I now finished up my French Open version, I hope you'll give it a try :) I tried to change the design a little bit, so the colour red
will be prominently present because of the clay :) I'll make one for upcoming Wimbledon as well before I go on holiday in 3 weeks :)

Have fun!

Mark ;)
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204 for me :shrug:
It's really not that hard, I don't know why so many people are so bad at these games time after time :shrug:
I missed Vesnina, Eguchi, Burnett, Costas-Moreira, Savinykh, and Piquion :p
The level of devotion to following the tour does vary fairly significantly among posters here. I very rarely follow the challenger events (since I can't watch and just don't have the time).. so I've never even heard of plenty of the girls that play in qualifying.

So it's really not surprising that not everyone here can name all 200+.

We can't all be followers as avid as you ;)

204 is impressive though :worship:
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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