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Marissa Irvin retires... seriously.

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Matt knows why, I can not continue winning without something that he needs to give me. He knows what I'm talking about, and until I get it, I retire.
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what? Whatever. I don't think you're retiring.
Why the heck would the No. 1 player retire?
Marissa is playing Houston.

Don't listen to her whine, moan, bitch and be a sore loser. :p
Marissa wants SEX from Matt!!! :eek: :eek: I knew it all along....
I think I remember. He wants me to send him ALL the points he ever sent me. Ha like I keep them. I gave him the ones I remember, and he said that was okay. Oh well.
Get over it Jordan! A loss is just a loss. I've lost like 9 times this season and 16 times last season. I've even been beaten 0-6 0-6. I beat you once after losing to you 2 times! Get over it!
whos jordan?:confused:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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