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Hi Maria!

We met 5 years ago (April 1999) in Firence (Italy) on the airport. You asked me to play cards, because you and your mother were waiting on your flight the next day (I remember your flight was cancelled). My father and me were waiting on our flight back to Frankfurt (Germany) in the evening where I live. I was 20 years old, so that I'm now 25 years old.

When I was back home 5 years ago, the first thing I did was searching you on the Internet. My big problem was, that I did not know your full name/address/e-mail so that I was absolutely not able to find you. I hoped that you would become a big tennis player, so that I could watch your matches on TV. A few weeks ago I read an article about you in a german newspaper. As I read that article I knew that it was you (I remembered the things you told me (Russia, black sea, Florida...)).

As I saw pictures of you and your mother in TV I was 100% sure that it was you I played cards with.

I watched a lot of your Wimbledon-matches on TV and I am very, very happy that you won that final!!! Congratulations!!!

If you just read this without answering me: I wish you (and your mother and family) all the best and hope that you will be very successfull in the future! It really was a pleasure for me playing cards with you!


My e-mail: b[email protected]

This is my anonymous e-mail-address and Bernd is not my real name (my real name is M…), because I don't want to be mailed by thousands of people! I hope that this is not the reason if you don’t mail me!
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