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Maria Sharapova Wants to Play

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I joined this game but then did not have time to play. Now l have quit the AC Tour due to serious unfairness in the game, and would like to join this game. If this is possible please let me know.
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OMG now I will lose 6-2 6-4 ever time :sad: jk :p. WElcome Maria :D
Welcome Maria, hope you have a good time in WGTA :D
Well do I have surfaces or something to choose? How do points work?
There's 3 threads in the forum, WGTA Surfaces, Join WGTA, and WGTA Rules that will explain everything to you.
:wavey: @ mboyle :bounce: :bounce: - welcome :D :D

good luck maria :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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