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Maria Sharapova RETIRES!

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Hey Everyone,

Im retiring from this game, there are many reasons:

1. I would not have a clue whos running what!
2. Leena runs the game then quits and deletes threads where i post articles.
3. Its bad enough that leena runs some of it, but if Jordan runs a tier event aswell, they will make me lose all the time... cos Jordan and I dont get along.
4. This game is seriously F!CKED!

:wavey: Thanks Matt, youve done a great job and you still are, but its unfair for us 12 or soo players who are stuck in the Tier II events, with people like Leena and Jordan who fuck around way too much and just want to piss everyone off.

As bitchface would say.

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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