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Maria Sharapova new SEWTA #2

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Is this because Aga has points to defend from last year?

Or assuming shes going to win her 1R match?
Aga lost her CARLSBAD points. She has a lot to defend this year.

Vika still owns her ass :oh:
Caro is owned by Rory in bed :barf::oh:
If Maria can do well at Toronto and the Open she'll probably stay #2 because Radwanska has a ton of points coming off.

I wanted to post highlights of their Stuttgart match but if someone posts HL of their AO match in reply I'll probably cry :lol:
Maria staying at 2 or jumping back to 1 for year end is NID.
#1 will still have to wait for Aga.
Dont worry she'll still be #1 (seed) in those tier 3 tournaments she loves to vulture
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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