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the oddsmakers have to calculate whether the ladies on the list would be willing to say "yes, I will marry you".

Still, there should have been other tennis players on the list, too.

On a forum in a far-away galaxy, I posted a picture of Maria at the Oscar party---her face and her legs are spectacular---and a photo of Paris---with a memorable view of her legs. Just for bettors comparison.

Prince William’s New Ladies

Following the split of Prince William and long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton British bookmakers William Hill have been quick to offer new odds on who’s likely to marry the prince.
The bookmakers are offering odds of 6:1 that the prince will marry a female fellow army officer however a number of other celebrities have also made the list;
6:1 - A female fellow army officer
8:1 - Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
14:1 - Kylie Minogue
14:1 - Paris Hilton
20:1 - Britney Spears
22:1 - Keeley Hazell (British topless model)
33:1 - Maria Sharapova
100:1 - Kelly Osbourne
100:1 - Heather Mills (Paul McCartney’s estranged wife)
100:1 - Same sex civil marriage
William Hill bookmakers were preparing to pay out up to US$99,000 if Prince William had married Kate, however British newspaper The Sun reported on Saturday that the relationship was over.
“We are as shocked as everyone else, if rather more relieved than most as we were preparing to pay out over £50,000 to punters who had backed the couple to wed,” said spokesman Rupert Adams
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