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Court's US wins were all on grass.

She wasn't always extremely religious.
Court liked to sip beers in her early days. After she was injured with a twisted back-a faith healer did wonders for it. That may have led her down that path.

Margaret was the first Martina in many respects-doing weights, running track,and doing those strange kangeroo jump exercises Harry Hopman had his male players do. Rosie Casals called her the "Arm" becuase she was so big and strong. Her right arm was once tested for strength and found to be stronger than most MALE athletes.

Here's Marge on herself and God:

Her Aussie titles aren't entirely worthless. Her first win in 1960 featued upsets of world #1 and #2 Maria Bueno and Darlene Hard. 61-62-63-and 64 featured mostly other Aussies, but in those days that still meant other top ten women such as Turner and Lehane(who had the first female two-handed backhand). In 1965 the Fed Cup was in
oz, all the top 10 came, including King and Bueno. The final with Bueno went to 3 sets, where Maria collapsed in the third with cramps from the heat. In those days there were no time outs or breaks like Jen and Hingis had. Maria writhed on court for minutes while the crowd groaned in sympathy, unable to help(touching her meant an automatic default). Maria defaulted.

Her wins in 1966 and 1969 were vs. quality fields, even in 1971 and 1973 she beat Goolagong in the finals.

I'm not wild about Court's beliefs, but that shouldn't influence views on her ability. Court is at or near the top of any all-time list.
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