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Margaret Court condemns homosexuality

Margaret Court is from the "old school" and considering her age where "gays and lesbians" were very few..and the ones that were "out of the closet" were considered "sinful" in their lifestyle was not understood and judged very harshly...Society has grown much more tolerant of homosexuality...when you think back at your mothers and fathers or grandparents ..this was a shocking occurance for someone to find out they prefer their own gender ...but not altogether new as ****'s go back to the early Greeks and Romans and we have had it in Bibical times..and of course the condemning passages "Thou shalt not lie down with the same sex" not sure of the accurate quote but you get the gist! So just chaulk this view up to the times...and Margaret hasn't changed all these years and she's NOT going to...Sad, but she joins a majority of people who have no tolerance for Gays or Lesbians!!:rolleyes:
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