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Marc Dehous and Carlos Rodriguez deny quarrel between Kim and Justine

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They both commented on the situation on the Belgian television news. they both said that they have a normal professional relationship and that they still joke around in the player's lounge. The media only hears things said in the pressconference, so they don't have the whole story. Carlos hoped that the polemic would stop after Kim reaches the Number one position next week. Can anyone else of the Belgian posters add some more comments, I didn't remember it all...

I was really glad to hear this, because the media were completely blowing things out of proportion (again). Frontpages about the "huge fight" were all ever the place. I guess they don't have much to write about these days...
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I only saw Carlos on the news
He said that it probably was a reaction of dissappointment and that the media was making it bigger than it was. He aslo said that there wasn't a fight between the two girls

I also heard 2 Belgian journalists (one from VRT and one from VTM) saying that it is just what people wanted to read. "It was probably nothing but the press blow it up"
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how could they still joke and play in the locker room when they haven't had an opportunity yet unless Justine is now playing the JP Morgan?
They were just trying to point out that there aren't any hard feelings between the two...
Car Key Boi said:

"It was probably a lot but coaches are playing it down"

lol, CKB...I don't think you made your point yet...
make it again please :p
I don´t think they " hate" each other percé, but it´s not like they are like Venus and Serena either. Just normal.....but it´s clear that Justine´s getting in Kim´s head.
Carlos also said that both girls never were very close friends what some people want to believe. ;)
people end up believing what they want to believe anyway...
I'm sure many used to think of them as braiding each other's hair at slumber parties and now think of them as hiring assassins to take the other one out :eek:
If quotes like that have been made, I believe it is not as easy to let it go. Maybe Kim might, but I doubt Justine will.

As Cybelle's previous thread stated, players cannot be close friends. I think Justine-Kim is heading more towards an on-screen and off-screen rivalry. The pressure at the top is so intense, its understandable, as is the need to be Belgian No. 1.
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