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I am addressing your question here, so that my tournament thread does not become overun with replies that do not pretain to the subject. This was your comment listed below,

I'm puzzled...if they were the best wouldn't they have won the slam? offense but they were better just not the best at that time....that is how things are.....<br />Venus in '97 was the better player in USopen finals but Martina at the time was the best player. It at no time took anything away from Venus.....<br />Anke Huber is the better player but not the best comes down to timing....

sorry to interrupt your thread but everytime I come up in here I'm seeing this "Who was the best player...."

<br />The following is my reply to you, You keep seeing this who was the best player never to win a slam because my thread is a fantasy tournament one, in other words it is a game to play for fun, for those who participate.

The question was who was the best player never to win a slam, so you saying if they were the best player then they should have won the slam is out of place because we are speaking of non-slam champions.

My tournament also does not have a name, this is why you see part II and part III on the board, because this way the people who have been playing will know where to keep voting until the event is done.

You are more than welcome to vote on the matches Macardel, just like you used to on the Sanex board my friend. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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