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Lourdes vs Rosa Maria

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The winner will play in the main draw at Bogota.

It would be the 1st main draw for Rosa Maria while it could be the 3rd time that Lourdes play a WTA main draw.

Good luck both!!
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Lourdes 1-0
Lourdes 2-0
Lourdes 3-0
Lourdes 4-0 :eek:
Lourdes 5-0 God this girl is in form! She has won 29 of the 30 games she has played in this tournament
5-1 :) At leats no bagel
Lourdes 5-2

Rosa Maria is palying better

(I love this web site with web cam!! ;))
Lourdes takes 1st set 6-2 :)
Rosa Maria broke and leads 1-0 in 2nd set
Rosa 2-0
Rosa 3-0
3-1 Rosa
4-1 Rosa :eek:
5-1 Rosa :eek:
6-2 1-6 :rolleyes:
1-0 Lourdes
2-0 Lourdes
3-0 Lourdes broke again :)
Lourdes 4-0

Its sad that they have to play each other.. :sad:
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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