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Are there any TENNIS fans left? -as opposed to FAVORITE(or is that fanatic) fans? Pam Shriver once said of the women's tour that as a group they were "oversentive and bitchy". She could just as well have been talking about the boards.

Would it kill Capriati fans to admit Jen has an attitude problem on court at times? Or for her "haters" to be honest about how she's earned her position?

Would it really burst the bubble of Venus groupies to admit there is a perception that she ducks events? Or for her "haters" to admit that her injury could be real?

It's not that I mind a little fighting, but these aren't even entertaining when I can read the poster name and know in advance someone is going to play "cheerleader" or "mudslinger". This gets really comical when certain people praise(or condemn) Davenport for "telling it like it is" until she said something else the next week, going from wise woman to idiot in some eyes(or vice versa). Somehow I doubt her IQ doubled or she had a lobotamy in one week.

This is not a plea for group harmony, kum-ba-ya style. I'm just asking if "fans" can, every once in a while, take off the fan hat(or "hater" hat)and talk tennis.
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