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Looks to me like Justine is kicking butt...

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:) :)
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Serendy Willick said:
Cheaters apparently do prosper.
I love karma, don't you willifans? :lol:
cathy r. said:
JHH has taken the place of Hingis--poor sport, lacking in true championship qualities, out for only herself.
Who has true championship qualities? I don't recall anyone giving trophies to jen, serena, venus, etc?!?!
Serendy Willick said:
What karma? My favorite didnt blatenly cheat, lie like she didnt know what the hell was going on, then her and her coach brag about it to the New York Times. :)
:confused: Have you learned about karma in school yet? It's a very important part of buddism. Go to your nearest library. Have fn! :wavey:
Serendy Willick said:
I do know about Karma. I know enough that it will come back to bite cheater in the ass someday. :)
No, karma is what brought her such a lovely year. :drool: :lol:

And :lol:mad:rtael!!!
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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