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Hi Guys,

First thanks for helping me out! ;)

I'm still playing with my boyfriends old rackets(300gr babolat) 3 pieces and have bought one at his advise(285gr Wilson) but wasn't satisfied about this one. So after some months i sold it again.
So i'm litterly digging in too all of the different types of rackets and strings and tensions for a couple off days. I think i found out what i am looking for but i just can't find it fully on the internet.

I always did some heavy lifting so i like a racket with some weight and since i'm used to this i want to keep the weight. I am player who likes to play deep but maybe need a racket with a bigger sweet spot than i have now(645 cm or 100 sq.inch?). I've read that there are with 670 cm but maybe that to big haha) I like the combination of power and controle.
I liked my old babolats alotttt but the grip is size 2-3 and i need a grip size 1. Wich makes that this combination is very hard to find. I once played with wilson because it was a good one for beginners but i didn't really like it.

So if i put it all togheter :
Grip size 1
300 gram weight
Bigger than 630 mm maybe 645 mm or bigger?
Combination power and controle
Baseline player
Very competitive :p
What i've found is the Babolat pure strike 100 that matches the best. But i am interested in your ideas.

Thanks for reading and helping out!


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