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Heads should roll!!! :p :lol: :lol:

Really, they had better get organised for the weekend.

Are they planning on getting all the womens quarters finished tonight, then teh semis 2moro night then the final on saturday???

if this is true then i think it is a total disgrace. completely and utterly unfair on the players, a total disservice.

Especially since Kim and Amelie, among others, have been hanging around for days and days in the players lounge waiting to go on - they will be mentally drained and the organisers are just gonna not have any respect for the players and make them play what could be the three biggest matches of their lives in three nights, just so that they can comply with the TV schedulers and get their dosh more than anything.

I think they should try to get all the quarter finals finished tonight. They are never gonna get the mens tournament finished before monday anyway so I think the womens final should be played on sunday.

Whether that means having the semi's 2moro and a rest day ion saturday, or vice versa - the players should be entitled to a rest day andd no way on this earth should they be forced to play a GS QF, SF and Final three nights running. Its simply rediculous.

Also - what the freakin hell iis the US Open doing with any court covers?? although, even if they had them, i doubt the ball persons could be assed even pulling them on with any effort. The rain would be finished by the time they got the covers on, theyre that slow.

Unlike certain other tournaments where the ballkids get the covers over the court in like, 6 seconds flat!!! (fair enough they get more practise, but still!)
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