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Live from Bank of West - Capriati comes unglued!

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Just got back from the thrilling 3 set win for Jennifer in her quarter final against Lisa. Jennifer came out smoking and won the first set 6-1. Then in the second LIsa started dominating the net and was able to mix up the ball and pace and give Jennifer a different looked. It worked. They both held serve and got to a tie break.
Lisa was up 6-3 in the tie break and Jennifer dug down and won the next 2 points to get it to 6-5. Then this is when it happened. Lisa hit a shot that appeared to go long and the line judge did not call it. Jennifer than looked to the chair and she would not over rule. So instead of it being 6-6, Lisa won the second set. Jennifer
EXPLODED. She went up to the chair and said, "What the hell are you doing!"
She got a verbal warning. As she stormed off the court to take a bathroom break, (her back to the chair), she made a jesture that she covered with her hand. I did not see it, but my friend said it looked like she gave the finger.

When Jennifer came back she lost the first two game of the third. Lisa played very well and if she could have kept her game up - probably could have pulled it out.
Jennifer got her head back on, and won it 6-4 in the third.
Talk about DRAMA. OH - side note: Kim Clijsters came to watch the first set. She sat with Steven, (They seemed very chummy and talked through most of it).

All for now.
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Kim and Jen are really good surprise there! As for the umpire, from what i saw as well, the ball WAS out, he simply wasnt paying attention!

Im sick of these lazy Umpires...they have one SIMPLE job LOOK AT THE that SOOO hard? god!
Umpires need to get popular as well.;) and Jenn's always the right person to pick.:D
Yeah, I am sure that Crapriati had a real good reason to tell off that miserable linesman. :rolleyes:
She did not tell of the linesman. She had words with the chair umpire. She wanted the chair to call the ball out, because the line judes were asleep. They make $200.00 a day to call 3 matches and many of the calls have been terrible all week, (especially on calling bad serves).
Maybe Crapriati could have just given the linesmen a few cans of Red Bull. :)
Tee hun, you aree too funny!..."crapiati"?!!!

im not laughing, but still! you=funny!
TeeRexx said:
Maybe Crapriati could have just given the linesmen a few cans of Red Bull. :)
instead Jenny gave them a red butt.;)...certainly, has made them awake until now.:yawn:
Whatever, she pulled it through, which is what matters.. congrats Cappy!
TeeRexx said:
Maybe Crapriati could have just given the linesmen a few cans of Red Bull. :)

Ahhhhh Tee Rex baby continues to show his adoration and sexual frustration over his true favorite............
DannerCal said:
Jennifer came out smoking
Don't go there! :eek:

Thanks for the info :kiss: It's nice to see Kim supporting Jennifer!
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kim, wtf were u doing with my steven hehehee.... fuck off !!! :p
Trish101 - Opps, I must have mistyped, eh? :)
I love her attitude why shouldnt she stand up to the umpire if she thinks it was a bad call -wait for the people to come in now and post about her '' foul mouth'' when realy shes just a classy lady that can handle herself - well done jen :)
dammit!!! why couldnt they show that match on eurosport??? :( a full on Jen strop and i couldnt see it! :mad: i will have to spend £20 to buy the video just to rewind that bit over and over :rolleyes: if the linespeople/umpires are gonna do shitty calls and bring on a feisty Jenny moment, they should at least do it in matches which are televised the world over!!! :D
Lmfao ^
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