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eddyday said:
Wow, a tournament pictures thread that ain't from Pinky ;) :lol:
Only Kidding Maria :hug:
:( hey! I was the one who came up with the suggestions for the other people to make the threads instead of seeing repetitive names!!! :smash:

eddy :rolleyes: you make me laff... :lol:

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pinky, pls make a new thread...guys dont post here-its breaking rules :haha: :lol:
Just Kiddin eddy-congrats 2 thread ;)
:bigwave: :hehehe:

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fan22 said:
Is this even our lovely Daniela???

if she wasn't wearing Daniela's shirt, I wouldn't have said yes.

This might be the worst pic ever taken of these two (otherwise) lovely girls.
Well, this really depends on each fan as it's a very very personal
opinion, :angel: but for me... :) :D

...I still would like her, even if ( for whatever reasons ) she
lost her beauty in the future!
:angel: :D
Anyway there already are lots of beautiful pics of her out there! :)
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