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I was really surprised by the fact that Liezel Huber doesn't have a thread in one of these things. Well this is something about Liezel:

Residence: Houston, Texas, USA
Date of Birth: August 21, 1976
Birthplace: Durban, South Africa
Height: 5'11'' (1.80 m)
Weight: 158 lbs. (71.6 kg)
Plays Right-handed: (two-handed backhand)
Status Pro: (April 1993)
WTA Tour singles titles: 0
WTA Tour doubles titles: 10
ITF Women's Circuit singles titles: 0
ITF Women's Circuit doubles titles: 11
Prize Money: $890,031
Win Loss Record - Singles: 175-159
Win Loss Record - Doubles: 302-210
Career-High Singles: No. 131 (March 29, 1999)
Career-High Doubles: No. 10 (March 22, 2004)

And now something about Liezel scores in Wimbledon:
doubles (with Ai Sugyiama/JAP)
1 round
Liezel Huber/Ai Sugyiama def. Crook/Hawkisn 6:1;7:5
2 round
Liezel Huber/Ai Sugyiama def. Mattek/Lehnhoff 6:3;6:4
3 round
Liezel Huber/Ai Sugyiama def. Yan/Zheng 6:1;7:5
next opponnents:
Svetlana Kusnietsova and Jelena Likchovtseva

mixt doubles (with Jonathan Erlich/ISR)
1 rund
2 round
Liezel Huber/Jonathan Erlich vs Matkowski/Washington 3:6;6:7 ??
Liezel you have to win Wimbledon doubles, but in mixt doubles you haven't win with Marci Matkowski and Mashona Washington :)
Ops...I'm so sorry I didn't see that this is US Team Forum...but...I'll be glad I f you will not be is not South Africa's tennis player forums..

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No, she's South african.
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