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I think everyone can't find Li Na's post-match interview on the below-par China Open's official site,so I translate the interview from Chinese website roughly(please forgive my so-so English level),the original text's URL is:


Partly because of the rain interrupted,the match between Li Na and Jill Craybas lasted over four hours.Li won the first set,but after losing the tie-break of second set,she didn't seize the opportunities in the decisive set,couldn't move into second round.

After the match,Li Na seemed extremely unhappy during the post-match press conference.In the face of the reporters' questions,she either volleyed them back immediately or just made very short answers.When someone asked her about her boyfriend, Li Na replied :"This is my personal affair,you don't need to know the details." But Li still mentioned now she is unsettled about her future several times,and her discontentment about the circumstance(in the China national team) around her.

Q: This match was interrupted by rain several times,did the breaks disturbed your rhythm?

Li: Absolutely not.I think the rain has no influence on the match result.I should blame myself for the loss. You say the rain disturb me,why can't it disturb my opponent?

Q: We saw your family and friends attended on the stand,did their coming add extra pressure on you?

Li: First, my family members didn't come here to see my match,only my coaches and some friends attended. Secondly, they didn't bring any pressure to me.

Q: You called the trainer after the second, did you get injured?

Li: Nothing serious.Just a blister on my foot.

Q: You made comeback to WTA tour one year ago, now do you feel you have improved your game?

Li: I feel like I have no improvement during the year. Frankly speaking, I still play with my game level before comeback. Although I trained with national team this year,but there were no particular training programs made for yourself to solve problems.Maybe because the national team's coach is not my coach (in provincial team), he doesn't know what his players exactly need.When problems appeared,I couldn't solve them. So I think although my ranking rises and I'm more experienced, but I really feel I just play on the level before one year.

Q: During last year's China Open, you said your object was to return to the world's top 50 ranking. Now you have made it, so what's your next object?

Li: I think I had clear object last year, but after a year, with the circumstance, now I'm... I really don't know,I feel unsettled. I don't know what should do.Not just because of the loss today,since I was injured this May (sprained left ankle in Casablanca) ,I didn't know what happened in my exercises and matches exactly,so I can't make any clear object presently.

Q: You seemed not very lucky this year,got injured before French Open and US Open,and missed Wimbledon because of the National Olympics. How about your injuries? Will them affect your career?

Li: It was really serious before the French Open,then doctor tell me to rest for six weeks,but I have almost fully recovered.

Q: You said the coach didn't know what you exactly need,are there some communication problems?

Li: Because coach of national team didn't make one-one instruction to you like foreign coaches or coach of provincial team, and solve your special problems.Maybe my feelings were false,but anyhow this is not the circumstance I expected, it's completely different from what I learned from some pepole before I rejoined the national team!

Q: You said you are unsettled, but you shouldn't always be unsettled as a professional, so when do you think you can get out of the situation?

Li: I think... I can't change the circumstance,this is not what I can change by myself.

Q: Have you imagined you could get more opportunities to play abroad like Peng Shuai?

Li: I don't think so. It's very complicated. One reason is my age. Another is my province-- Peng Shuai's province afford her travel expenses,they want to do that,but it's not the same in different provinces.

Q: You was the only Chinese singles player(besides Sun Tiantian and Peng Shuai) didn't play in centre court today. Do you feel some differences?

Li: No, absolutely not.

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Dexter_1986 said:
Thank you very much for translation :worship:
I've read the whole interview... It really sounds like Na was upset :(
I've read it as well...she was surely upset but in her situation there's nothing wrong with being upset.

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poor, Na
didn't know before about the province supports :(

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She is very unhappy with herself and the Chinese federation.

They really need to change their system to adapt it to a professional system.

The WTA is not about team, it is about the individual players and their particular needs. I understand they are getting ready for the Olympics, but they should also give more freedom to the players.

And what is the deal with the province? How do they influence how often a player can play abroad?
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