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Out of curiosity how tall is she? She looks like such a tiny thing on TV :lol:
Well according to a website, Clara Tauson is 1.82 meter, or a little more than 6 feet tall.
It looks like Leylah is a dozen centimeters shorter, 5 inches. That would make her 1.70 meter tall, or 5 feet 7 inches.

Picture from 2 months ago. She's just 16 so perhaps still growing


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Leylah Annie FERNANDEZ [1] def. Katrina SCOTT 6-3 6-4

Makes the Final :cool:

I wrote here recently that I was under the impression that she's never ever injured. In the past 3 years I've never seen a picture of her with tape on a leg or arm and never has she withdrawn or retired from a match (ITF activity tab)
I asked her about that. Here's her answer.

Thank you. Yes I have been injured when I was much younger, 9 or 10 years old maybe, but my dad helped me recuperate. @tennisdadcoach has been responsible for my fitness program in it's entirety. You can ask him his secrets, he usually has a lot to say lol. I can tell you this: He always told me the #1 and #2 most important tools to play sports at any level is your brain and your body, not the strings nor the racquet to keep healthy. My #1 objective for this year was to finish the year healthy. So far so good.
Wow almost 7 years without a single injury. That's amazing, considering the fact that she's been playing lots of pro ITF, not only Junior events.

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1st seed at the Jr. FO :eek:
Tauson withdrew. So Leylah has a huge opportunity to be a Jr Slam Champion. (not that it really matters) :lol:
I bet it never happened, a Canadian seeded #1 at a Jr Slam

Main Draw

(1)Leylah Annie Fernandez (CAN) v Maria Tkacheva (RUS)
Darja Semenistaja (LAT) v Marta Custic (ESP)
(wc)Lucie Nguyen Tan (FRA) v (wc)Fangran Tian (CHN)
(15)Sohyun Park (KOR) v Savannah Broadus (USA)

(12)Sada Nahimana (BDI) v (Q)Charlotte Chavatipon (USA)
Elsa Jacquemot (FRA) v Pia Lovric (SLO)
Taisya Pachkaleva (RUS) v (Q)Federica Rossi (ITA)
(6)Hurricane Tyra Black (USA) v (wc)Alice Tubello (FRA)

(3)Maria Camila Osorio Serrano (COL) v (Q)Ana Geller (ARG)
Hong Yi Cody Wong (HKG) v Liubov Kostenko (UKR)
Elina Avanesyan (RUS) v (wc)Giulia Morlet (FRA)
(14)Elizabeth Mandlik (USA) v Romana Cisovska (SVK)

(11)Alina Charaeva (RUS) v (wc)Celia Belle Mohr (FRA)
Priska Madelyn Nugroho (INA) v Carlota Martinez Cirez (ESP)
Zhuoxuan Bai (CHN) v Mylene Halemai (FRA)
(7)Natsumi Kawaguchi (JPN) v Abigail Forbes (USA)

(5)Qinwen Zheng (CHN) v Shavit Kimchi (ISR)
(Q)Chloe Beck (USA) v Loudmilla Bencheikh (FRA)
(Q)Diana Shnaider (RUS) v Valentina Ryser (SUI)
(16)Joanna Garland (TPE) v (wc)Manon Leonard (FRA)

(13)Anastasia Tikhonova (RUS) v (LL)Caijsa Wilda Hennemann (SWE)
(wc)Julie Belgraver (FRA) v (Q)Melania Delai (ITA)
(Q)Viktoriya Petrenko (UKR) v Ane Mintegi Del Olmo (ESP)
(4)Alexa Noel (USA) v (SE)Carole Monnet (FRA)

(8)Emma Navarro (USA) v Adrienn Nagy (HUN)
Linda Fruhvirtova (CZE) v (wc)Aubane Droguet (FRA)
Selena Janicijevic (FRA) v Oksana Selekhmeteva (RUS)
(9)Kamilla Bartone (LAT) v Robin Montgomery (USA)

(16)Helene Pellicano (MLT) v Lea Ma (USA)
(Q)Alexandra Vecic (GER) v Daria Snigur (UKR)
Annerly Poulos (AUS) v Antonia Samudio (COL)
(2)Diane Parry (FRA) v Daria Frayman (RUS)

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That was a good ol' curb stomping by Leylah!!

So glad they showed it on TSN.


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They lost the Doubles match today, but they had fun and almost forced decider.
Probably the first time Collard plays with so many spectators in attendance. That's because it was the last match on the RG grounds.
Leylah had more spectators at the Rogers Cup last year.
Collard is a pretty good Doubles player. I can imagine her becoming a doubles specialist. Not so sure for singles though.

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