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I was thinking when Maria won the title all those songs with Maria in the title like Blondie - Maria you have got to see her

Sound of Music - What we gonna do about Maria?

If before every match players could have a piece of music played for them like footballers hear the national anthem.

My suggestions:

Serena - Ike and tina - River deep mountain high
Justine - Edith Piaf - je ne regrette rien
Kim - Katrina and the waves - I am walking on Sunshine
Momo - Abba - Winner takes all
Venus - Bananarama - (Venus of course) but simon/garfunkel bridge over troubled water comes to mind with Venus do not know why.
Mysinka - Kate Bush - Babooshka
Lindsqy - Mama and Papa's -Carlifonia Dreaming
Lina D - Frank Sinatra - I did it my way
Jen Cap - Chumbawama..............- I get knocked down but i get up again..;;;

What song would u give to ur fav tennis players?
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