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On what they say about the widely considered most probable winners:

You should remeber it's interesting to have a look. If they make a big mistake in judging someone's chances to win, they will be paying big time. In principle there shouldn't be any room for favouritism in a bookmakers office.
S. Williams 2.10
K. Clijsters 4.00
J. Henin 5.00
V. Williams 6.00
A. Mauresmo 9.00
J. Capriati 15.00
S. Williams 1.90
K. Clijsters 4.50
V. Williams 5.50
J. Henin 8.00 :eek:
A. Mauresmo 10.00
J. Capriati 13.00

To me the best bet to make seem on Justine at willhill, as to me of the twelve mentionned cases, that's were to me the underestimate the chance of winning the most.

What's your opinion?
I know this might be the start of a thread with yet once more the same discussion, still I find those bet quite nice to have look at.
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