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Let's admit: Elena D. WAS overrated as a potential top 10er...

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There were quite a few discussions back few months ago. Fans were talking about the second echelon (after Venus, Serena, Martina, Lindsay) and also were comparing Elena, Jelena, Justine and Kim.

It is obvious now (at least to me) that Elena doesn't belong to that group (Belgians and Dokic). Elena is a good player, will have a career of, probably, Sandrine Testud (which is not too bad), few bright moments, but overall nothing outstanding.
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Until Elena gets a full time coach she will unfortunatly remain just another top 20 player who on her day can beat anybody but has never lived up to her potential
Sandrine Testud
Dominique Van Roost
Amanda Coetzer

Sad I know, but true!


Plus Elena is mentally weak (like most Russian players, don't you think)!!!
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couple of years ago mental toughness was Elena's strong side. Where did it go?

I agree, for some reason Russian players (women) do have problems in this department. No clue why.
What is happening to Elena?

This match is an exact replica of the Fed Cup final where she lost to the other Belgian...

She should do something, get a coach or sports psychologist !
It's so sad to see a player of her potential go to waste like that!
From what I'v eheard and read, she seems to be satisfied with her present achievements. I don't think coach or psychologist would help her until she's hungry again.
Well Elena's very upset they way she lost,
Elena should be finishing her PC about now.

She went for way too much on her shots and mostly too early in rallies.

Also she wasn't hitting her 1st serves at 100% until after rain delay.

Its raining pretty bad here so looks like juniors will have to wait until late evening if at all.

Gonna go back and watch Haas v Federer.
If dokic can be in the top ten, I don't see why Elena can't be....she just needs to be consistent!!!:mad:
KingCing, consistency is a huge part of right shot selection. Elena is known to make the wrong choices in tough matches. According to TBE report, it was the case in her match against Juju. Not suprised here.
Facts are the facts. Elena is too one dimentional. And she is constantly being exposed against top flight players.

She needs to get a new coach. A Pavel Slozil type.

Leave that dog of hers at home.

Think about leaving Moscow for better training facilities and better practice partners. Elena is very comfotable being a good player. But I've never seen a player with her great size, great power and great speed do so little with her game. Her mental toughness is gone. I knew she would be overmatched by Justines's great talent level and great variety. And she was.

I only hope that being constantly embarrassed in big matches, will force Elena to make changes. But I doubt it.

It sure looks like the Fed Cup final was no fluke. I think the Belgian Queens Kim Clijsters and Justine Henein are going to run roughshod over the Russian Princesses for many years to come. Who's going to stop Clijsters and Henin? Dementieva and Kournikova? I doubt it. Maybe Maria Sharapova and Svetlana Kuznetsova will be able to give Clijsters and Henin a run for their money in a couple of years. But that's a big "maybe".
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Dementieva has always been slow to start the season. Of, course, we expected better result, still it is the best showing of Elena Dementieva in Australia. Time to move on, go to Tokyo, and try to capitalise on depleted draw over there. It is only the second tournament of the year. And she needs to do something to prepare herself mentally better to big matches. That's the only area where she defiitely has to improve. We are upset about the outcome, but I think, not nearly as upset as she is. I am pretty optimistic about her future.
the issue is not in a loss.. the issue is in how she does it. She is being dismissed by the girls that are not even a top of the women's game. That's the problem!

the truth is in your post, ys.
Time to move on, go to Tokyo, and try to capitalise on depleted draw over there.
a true top player capitalizes on all opportunities without betting on a good draw.
I find it alarming that Elena isn't even competitive in big matches anymore. Last year against Venus(Indian Wells), Jennifer(Ericsson), Anke(Wimbledon), Jelena(Moscow), Kim(Fed Cup final). And now Justine(2002 Australian Open). Elena was wiped out by all these players, when she had alot to play for. Elena was playing great at this years Australian Open. That is until she played Justine Henin, who is a far superior talent. Then Elena fell apart and was completely overwhelmed by Henin.

Aren't you fellow Dementieva fans concerned by her being blown out of these matches? She should be better than just another top 20 player.

P.S. - Elena may have the worst service game of any top 20 player I have ever seen. And that's ridiculous! Because Elena is nearly 6 feet tall, and she is a fine athlete. Her serve should at worst be decent. But it's not. And it's holding her developement back. It's time for a new coach Elena. Or a new attitude. Or both. Udachi Elena!
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It is all mental.. First set, even that it was a bagel, she won 17 points, meaning that she had at least 5 deuces in that set. And won none of them.
ys, there must have been alot of tough games, because the mach took one hour and sixteen minutes to play. And when do you ever see a 6-0 6-3 match in women's tennis take one hour and sixteen minutes? Hardly ever. It would normally only take about 50 to 55 minutes to play. So, Elena must have been in alot of games. Elena certainly has perfected the art of poor shot selection. Hasn't she?
Elena D`s power is her FH, which is really strong and without doubt of the top10 level. But other components of her play - serve, BH, net play - are not that good. Can a player be a grand champion only having FH? I doubt it.
Both Elena D. and Anna K. are in desperate need of a coach. Elena D. needs it more. Anna K. just needs to get her head fixed, she doesn't really need a conventional coach, she needs someone who would help her with confidence and focus.. Apart from the same need, Elena also needs to develop more of variety. It would be shame for such gifted athletes not to break thru. I think they will..:) Soon ..:) Russian curse won't last for much longer..:)
I agree with ys 100% about what is needed by both Anna and Elena if they are to threaten the top players.

Elena's problems go beyond the mental; she desperately needs a coach in the game of Tennis! She seems unable to adapt to various players' styles of play, and does best against a baseliner who hits all her shots straight back to the baseline. How far can you get in your sport if you can't figure out how to beat a variety of opponents? And as others have said, her own game is too predictable.

Even with all the problems Anna is currently experiencing, I feel quite sure that if these two were to meet, Anna, with her varied game, would easily beat Elena.
Elena only has her mother to talk to, thats what happend during rain delay so no real change of plan.

BTW Elena's 2nd serve average yesterday was faster than Marat Safin's

Elena 146kph
Marat 137kph
as I posted before I happened to hear Elena's preparation her match against Talaja, I believe. She discussed Talaja style with her mother and her hitting partner (Karina). I tell you, guys: that was laughable. My friend on high school team does better home work than Elena.

I'm afraid I started disliking her mom. She certainly did a lot for Elena in the past, but right now she's interrupting with the process of developing as a tennis player. Elena got to understand somehow that she needs a full time coach. While it's not too late.
tenn_ace, that shows that Elena is not mentally ready to be a bigtime player. And that's too bad.

Janie, Anna would easily beat Elena? LOL! As yours and my favorite commentator used to scream, "you cannot be serious"! Who does Anna ever beat easily? And did you see Elena's dominant scores in her first three 2002 Australian Open matches? She totally dominated her opponents, in a way that Anna never could. Sure, Anna has more skills and more natural talent than Elena. But I can't imagine Anna ever beating Elena as easily as you think she will. Janie, I caertainly agree with you that they both need a coach who can help them with strategy. because unforced errors are their downfalls.
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