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Latest news for Mary Pierce (question of new ranking)

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Her new ranking is top 35 on today!! :eek: :bounce: :hearts: :inlove: :kiss:

I hope you can comeback top 10 in this year!! Mary Pierce!! :bounce: :hearts: :inlove: :kiss:
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You're crazy !

Mary is only 49 ...
Wizzy Maryfan said:
You're crazy !

Mary is only 49 ...
I'm not crazy!! Today I know this news from Azza (while myself use MSN messenger to talk with him) !!
I think that he is talking of the championships rankings, like The race rankings fo the boys, but the one for the girl.
She is 49 at the normal (classic) ranking, and the best that she could be before the end of the year must be 25 or 20 if she won severals titles
Well please what ever it is.

WELL DONE TO MARY !!!!!!!!!!!

She has done so well with her coach SVEN

CONGRATS to MARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you are doing OK Cheng. I am off from Mexico today. ANd will be back online when I arrive home late Sunday

take care all

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Hmmmm Let's just hope that Mary is healthy and fit enough to achieve Her purposes and get better ranking before AO. Oh and to wild cards in Moscou, Zurich and Filderstadt that Mary deserve to get.
:bounce:GO MARY :bounce:
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