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Last 2 RG, Madrid, Rome, Stuttgart, Charleston Champs All On Bottom Half

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the bottom half of the 2012 Roland Garros draw has

2011 RG Champ Na
2010 RG Champ Franny

2012 Madrid Champ Serena
2011 Madrid Champ Petra

2012 Rome Champ Maria
2011 Rome Champ Maria

2012 Stuttgart Champ Maria
2011 Stuttgart Champ Julia

2012 Charleston Champ Serena
2011 Charleston Champ Karolina

so basically all the big clay court tournament champions of the last 2 years :sobbing:

while the top half is basically another Vika v Aga SF, even though both of them have never reached a Roland Garros SF, with both of them drawing their pigeons in Sammy and Marion :spit:

it is likely that the finalist from the top half will get their biggest clay court result of their career unless the "over the hill" Venus, Sammy, Ana or Sveta can wake up :awww:
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Well AO, IW and Miami were all won by players from the top half :angel:
And that would be 2 player...or 1,5 to be exact :lol:
Sam was in the bottom half, Serena beat #1 seed in SF.
He said she is in top half NOW :lol:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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